‘Encanto’ and ‘Marvel’s What If…?’ Finally Have Trailers

Disney and Marvel Studios have certainly provided a Thursday surprise with trailers for both Encanto, a Disney movie with songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the long-awaited trailer for What If…? which is actually quite exciting looking. Here’s the trailer for Encanto.

In just one minute and thirty seconds, this teaser trailer is everything I hoped and thought In The Heights was going to be. It’s vibrant, the music covers me in chills, the characters are so beautiful and unique, and it looks like another Disney win that I will definitely be seeing in theaters this fall.

What a teaser!

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I Can’t Believe It’s One Day Until ‘Black Widow’!

It’s happening folks. Black Widow eve is finally upon us. It’s taken us years to get to this point but…now we’re here. I’m trying to distract myself and stay relatively calm but I know the excitement is definitely going to hit me when I’m sitting in that theater with my popcorn, candy, and soda as the commercials play onscreen.

And then the trailers will play…and then the actual movie will start and I’m hoping on the other side of those two hours and fourteen minutes I come out of that movie very, very elated and ready to see it a second time.

Are you going to be seeing Black Widow this opening weekend? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

My Evaluation of the Fifth Episode of ‘Loki’

The last two episodes of Loki have been nothing short of spectacular. Episode 4 provided more plot twists but Episode 5 built upon this incredible world created by the TVA and gave us something I never thought I would ever see; multiple Lokis.

There was a lot to love about the latest episode so I’m going to share my thoughts on everything that touched me about this episode. Enjoy!

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