My Evaluation of the Fifth Episode of ‘Loki’

The last two episodes of Loki have been nothing short of spectacular. Episode 4 provided more plot twists but Episode 5 built upon this incredible world created by the TVA and gave us something I never thought I would ever see; multiple Lokis.

There was a lot to love about the latest episode so I’m going to share my thoughts on everything that touched me about this episode. Enjoy!

First off, this has been a rollercoaster ride for Loki unlike anything he’s ever experienced before. He got snatched from his timeline, was shown a power greater than anything he had experienced, the power of the TVA, met Sylvie, almost died on a purple moon called Lamentis-1, got recaptured by the TVA, beat up by Sif for who knows how long, saw his new friend get pruned before his eyes, was almost killed execution style in front of the Time Keepers, and then he, himself, was finally pruned by Ravonna Renslayer only to be sent to a wasteland where all pruned things go, hence meeting his fellow Loki variants.

Yeah, it’s been a lot. And you can tell it’s been a toll on him as he finds himself in the presence of variants who won’t fill him in on what the heck is going on! When they do, he realizes that yeah, he might actually be in Hel after all.

The Prune-World, that’s what I’m calling it for now, is a fascinating land filled with all sorts of easter eggs for hawkeyed Marvel fans to see. I’m not a comic book reader so I had to rely on Twitter to let me know what was so special about everything I was seeing. Specifically, Frog Thor which was hilarious.

Undoubtedly one of my favorite moments in the entire series is when Loki meets the variants led by what appears to be his most diabolical self, President Loki. His expression of shock seeing so many iterations of himself is priceless.

Plus, President Loki is the worst, and I mean that in a good way. Even though he was in the series for just a little bit he was so fascinating. This guy makes 2012 Loki who invaded New York look like a hero in comparison because geez, he is the nth degree of Loki stuck-uppitiness.

On to the other side of the story, Ravonna Renslayer is feeling just as shocked about the Time Keepers’ deception as Loki and Sylvie and she is on a mission to discover the truth. I’m still thinking that Miss Minutes is indeed behind the creation of the TVA but I don’t know… We’ll see, I guess.

When Sylvie and Loki reunite of course we’re going to get a private moment with the two of them. Honestly, my heart rate hasn’t pitter-pattered like that watching two fictional characters having feelings for one another since…

I don’t know what it is but the awkward flirtation between Loki and Sylvie is just…stirring. Heck, I know what it is! For ten years we have literally never seen Loki in love and boy is it not normal but it’s so darn exciting too. I honestly am going to need this series to end with Loki and Sylvie becoming King and Queen of all Timelines because anything else would just be disappointing.

They’ve already hinted at the idea that when this is all over they maybe (definitely) will stick together so let it be so, Marvel Studios! And if they kill Sylvie in the finale…! I might actually cry, and that’s not an exaggeration.

Here’s something else we have never seen from Loki. His genuinely nice and caring side. To see Loki looking so heroic was already kind of startling but to see him give Mobius a hug is one of the greatest things I have ever seen in the MCU.

It shows that this series has really changed Loki, for the better, and turned him into the man that he was becoming until Thanos arrived and ruined everything. The idea of Loki actually taking Thor’s advice in Ragnarok and evolving into something more than just the God of Mischief is something I didn’t actually expect this series to give us and it is truly exciting to think about.

Just look at Classic Loki using magic to create projections of an entire city. For the first time ever, we get to see that Loki can honestly be one of the most powerful characters in the MCU and even he didn’t know it.

I’m going to need a team-up between Loki, Doctor Strange, and Wanda quickly because that seems like it would be one of the coolest and literally most magical things we’ve ever seen in this franchise.

The episode, of course, ended with Loki and Sylvie finding the secret doorway to the Void, the space beyond the end of time where the creator of the TVA seemingly dwells in a super creepy looking mansion. We’ll find out next week who’s the culprit behind all of this and how this series’ hopefully first season will conclude.

But all in all, another great episode and a worthy set-up for what could be the best Marvel Disney+ finale yet.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

9 thoughts on “My Evaluation of the Fifth Episode of ‘Loki’”

  1. It was so awesome, wasn’t it? This episode was just purposely glorious! I had an idea about Renslayer and after some research, my suspicious was right so I’m excited to see how it’s revealed in the finale!

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  2. I’m so in love with this series, lol. And seeing Loki and Sylvie acting like awkward teenagers was just priceless. The Mobius hug melted my heart. I love seeing characters evolve and change for the better. If this series doesn’t end with Loki and Sylvie living happily ever after and Mobius with his jetski, I’ll be devastated, lol.

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  3. This episode… basically was a big celebration of Loki as a solo character by examining every angle from the grand to the absurd that one could take the character in, together with shipping Loki and Sylvie in the seismic narcissist paradise they’re in. In terms of the world building and advancing the main plot we’ve been following up to this point, it was a huge detour, and if the diving character study wasn’t your cup of tea, this episode wasn’t very good. If you’re totally into the psyche ward angle of sticking 300 Lokis on a couch and watching them get idiosyncratic and depressed about themselves, then this was all for you. 😛

    For me… it had its moments, and it probably did help that I watched it a second time through.

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    1. Lol. That’s a perfect description of that episode. But that’s the gamble. Marvel realizes that a lot of people love Loki so to see a bunch of versions of the character in a weird variety of ways essentially brought us Loki fans a lot of joy.

      But yeah…if you’re not into Loki that much…this episode would be boring.

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      1. Yeah. I didn’t find it boring, per se. Like I said, it had its moments. But after the epic visuals of Lamentis and all the bombshell plot elements of the fourth episode that dropped… yeah, this one stretched stuff out a little bit more than it needed to. I’ve come to appreciate it a little more since I first watched it, it just wasn’t quite what I was expecting. No big deal.

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  4. I’ve been avoiding your posts about Loki because I was a bit behind everyone else on my viewing schedule. I’m now caught up. Great write, and—I thought—a great episode. It’s fitting that someone as self-absorbed as Loki would fall in love with another version of himself.

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