Could That Bucky/Black Widow Romance Finally Happen After All?

Okay, just hear me out. I know it’s early. I know Black Widow hasn’t even been out for a week and I know that Marvel may not have even mapped out Yelena’s story that far ahead yet but…a thought has occurred in my brain. A shipping scenario so awesome I need it to happen. And that is for Yelena Belova and Bucky Barnes to eventually become a couple in the MCU.

Think about it.

Spoilers ahead!

Winter Soldier Is The Only Person Black Widow Actually Trusts

In the comics, Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff weren’t just adversaries, they became lovers. Of course, in the MCU that didn’t happen. Natasha would go on to have a one-movie romance with Bruce Banner/The Hulk in Avengers: Age of Ultron and from there on her closest relationship was with her best friend, Clint Barton.

Enters Yelena Belova, the new face of the Black Widow legacy whose story is very reminiscent of Bucky’s own experience.

Black Widow: New Details About Florence Pugh's Character Revealed While We  Wait On The Movie - CINEMABLEND

Like him, she was a brainwashed agent who killed with impunity and had no control over what she was doing. Now, she can make her own choices but with Valentina giving her a mission to kill Hawkeye, it seems like it’s still going to take a minute before she becomes a bona fide hero, if she ever does.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Yelena Belova and Bucky Barnes met and kindled that shared experience in a way that neither one of them would be able to share with anyone else?

It’s just something I’m putting out in the universe that probably won’t even happen but if it does…


I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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