My Evaluation of the Finale of ‘Loki’

Yesterday’s episode of Loki was mindblowing. It was everything I was hoping it could be as a finale while perfectly setting up Phase 4 of the MCU in a way that was concise and actually kind of brilliant. So, with no further delay, let me share my thoughts with you.

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! You have been warned.

Okay, so first things first. That intro was an instant sign that this finale was going to be the real deal. Hearing so many iconic moments from the MCU with a few added real-world moments in our history into the mix of voices being heard was truly special.

But what was even more incredible about that opening was how it conveyed to us the multiple universes which would become very important later in the show.

Secondly, I can’t go any further without acknowledging how incredible the Citadel at the End of Time looked as well as the Sacred Timeline. It was beautifully rendered and actually quite stunning, in fact.

Third, that jump scare from Miss Minutes was next-level scary. I mean, I seriously have never felt such unease from a clock in my life. I loved hearing her bargaining session with Loki and Sylvie; the prospect of Loki having the Infinity Gauntlet and killing Thanos sounds like one of the coolest What If…? prospects ever.

Fourth, I have a major feeling that this finale has undoubtedly set Ravonna Renslayer on the path to becoming Kang’s right-hand woman. You see, in the comics, Kang falls madly in love with her, and together, if I’m not mistaken, they wreak havoc together.

She was sent on a quest for the one in charge, that being Kang, and if the comics are anything to go by, she’ll definitely be around for a little while longer.

Five, that reveal! You know. The one that has everyone talking and has essentially flipped the MCU on its head.

You see, I was one of those people who thought Miss Minutes was going to be the villain or maybe King Loki from the trailers. I heard the Kang-is-the-villain rumors but I decided not to get invested in those theories because I just knew Mephisto was going to be in WandaVision and he was nowhere to be seen.

So, when I tell you that my jaw dropped when the elevator doors opened, revealing none other than Jonathan Majors a.k.a He Who Remains also confirmed as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. I can honestly say it was one of the best reveals in the MCU, leading to one of the best non-action sequences in all of Marvel.

Watching Majors embody this character so impeccably was awe-inducing and having him tell us all about his character through a short but concise history was also incredible too.

I loved him watching him transform from goofy and kind of insane to scared and excited for whatever the future held as his knowledge of Time dissipated.

When that happened, Sylvie took the moment as a chance to strike and boy was it a dramatic turn. Loki and Sylvie’s war of emotions was riveting as they fought but the conclusion with Loki pouring every bit of his heart, soul, and love for Sylvie out for all to see was truly beautiful. I’ve never seen Loki so emotional and that scene, whoo, it’s hard not to cry watching it.

Of course, Sylvie can do nothing else at that moment other than kiss him, being the impulsive being that she is, but she still ultimately tricks him and sends him flying back to the TVA. By the way, I did not fully expect Loki and Sylvie to kiss in this season. I figured things were heading in that direction but I thought that moment would be saved for a second season. Well…I was wrong, and what a shocker that was.

Anyway, Sylvie stabs He Who Remains, he says to her matter-of-factly, “I’ll see you soon” before winking and dying.

The Mobius and Hunter B-15 that we know are preparing for whatever is about to happen. Meanwhile, Loki locates Mobius and tries to tell him everything that’s about to happen only to discover that he has been knocked into a different timeline altogether, one ruled by what appears to be Kang the Conqueror himself.

It’s an incredibly satisfying conclusion to a first season that has become one of my favorite in tv show history.

I watched all six episodes last night and it was incredible seeing how many quotes and small moments between the characters in the early episodes foreshadowed some of the more emotional moments in the finale. This show was also brilliant in letting us see Loki become this new character, one who isn’t afraid to speak his feelings and is willing to trust those around him.

I am hoping with every fiber of my being that “the sun does shine” on Loki and Thor together as brothers once more because if that happens, I would cry rivers into existence, I’d be that emotional.

Now, I’m just waiting for a date reveal for Loki‘s second season.

I’d also like to, before I finish this post, give a shout-out to all of the actors in this series, namely Sophia di Martino, Jonathan Majors, but most importantly, Tom Hiddleston. If it wasn’t for Hiddleston’s love for this character and his incredible presence as Loki we wouldn’t have become so enthralled in his story to the point where Marvel Studios brought him back from the dead to continue his story. Now, with Loki, he’s been given the chance to shine in a way that he never truly has and it has been nothing short of incredible.

I thank you for reading my post and I hope you have a great day.

3 thoughts on “My Evaluation of the Finale of ‘Loki’”

  1. Absolutely fantastic. Loki has pulled me into the Marvel universe, when I was never really interested before. What a great character, a great story, and a great team of actors and others who brought this series together. Bravo!

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  2. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Beautiful scenes, everything was unexpected yet spot on. The adrenaline I felt when I watched the Sacred Timeline break into multiple spikes… amazing! I am so excited for season 2!

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