Ranking the Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Part 4

We’re down to the top twenty characters. This is where the fun begins. 😁


20. Star-Lord

Peter Quill is one of those characters that isn’t exactly a bona fide hero-type but being the lovable scoundrel that he is, you can’t help but like him. He’s hilarious but he can be brave and loyal to his team in a very profound way thanks to his ultimately tragic backstory of losing his mother.

I’m intrigued to see where his story will go from here now that he’s lost the woman he loves. Is he still on a mission to find her or has he given up? I’m sure all of these questions will be answered in Guardians of the Galaxy.

19. Falcon/Captain America

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Considered More Captain America  Candidates - Den of Geek

When Sam Wilson debuted as Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier I was already a fan of the character but of course, it’s his turn as an Avenger that made him even more interesting. From there on out, he never played a major role in the MCU but he would, eventually, be passed the mantle of Captain America.

What then transpired was a long study of Sam repelling this responsibility being passed to him and then eventually obliging and taking on the mantle once it became clear he was the only man fit for the job. Now he’s Captain America and I can’t wait to see where his story goes from here.

18. Mysterio

Yeah, Mysterio was only in one movie but he was such a lovable character in that film and so brilliantly played by Jake Gyllenhaal that I instantly wanted to see more from him. I’m still under the belief that he isn’t really dead and I hope he returns for Spider-Man: No Way Home because he’s a great character who deserves more screen time.

17. General Okoye

Okoye is one of those characters that has been cool since her first seconds in the MCU. The fact that she’s the General of Wakanda’s armies and the Dora Milaje just goes to show how awesome she is. I can’t wait to see her again in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

16. John Walker

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 4 Reveals the True Horror of John  Walker - Den of Geek

John Walker is a character that I wasn’t expecting to like but Wyatt Russell’s portrayal of the character was one of the best debuts I’ve ever seen for a new MCU actor. He brought such a terrifying ruthlessness to Walker as we saw him struggling with the responsibility as Captain America. Now he’s got super soldier serum coursing through his veins and a new job as U.S Agent, the far more violent and ruthless version of Captain America who will undoubtedly continue to play a major role in this franchise.

I hope to see him again sooner than later.

15. Erik Killmonger

Would Black Panther have been as good as it was without Killmonger? I don’t think so. Killmonger is a character who I not only empathized with but loved in terms of his story. He felt like the next redeemable Loki-type antagonist whose story, hopefully, didn’t conclude in Black Panther and I’m very excited to see him again in What If…?

14. Bucky Barnes

Captain America’s best friend until the end, Bucky Barnes has had quite the story. He’s been a soldier, a brainwashed HYDRA assassin, and now he’s just finally starting to get his life back and reclaim his place in the world as a bona fide hero.

Sebastian Stan injected so much feeling into his performance as Bucky in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and now that’s he found a semblance of happiness with Sam and his family it really feels like Bucky’s journey in the MCU has just begun.

13. Thanos

Thanos is a character that actually lived up to the hype in all of the best possible ways. He’s ruthless, he’s fascinating, but most importantly, Thanos isn’t just a typical villain who wants the universe to be his. His goal for annihilating half of all life was almost noble and if you read Thanos: Titan Consumed you will understand him on a whole other level.

It’s honestly one of the best books I’ve ever read and a must-have if you’re someone who finds Thanos even halfway interesting.

12. Thor

The mighty Thor has had his issues. In fact, for a long while, he was one of the least interesting characters in the MCU. Even Chris Hemsworth was tired of playing the character. And then Thor: Ragnarok changed everything and turned Thor into one of the best characters in an instant.

Taika Waititi stripped him down emotionally by taking away his father, Mjolnir, his hair, and his eye all in one movie! What emerged from this dismantling of Thor as we knew him to be was a man who truly embraced his power as the God of Thunder which made him instantly cooler. Plus, Stormbreaker is pretty awesome too.

11. Iron Man

Yeah, Tony Stark didn’t crack my top ten list because, well, Stark is kind of infuriating. He’s a very narcissistic, selfish type but just when it seems like he can’t get anymore self-centered he does something super brave like take a nuclear missile through a wormhole or risk dying blowing up Sokovia. Or he’ll do something even braver like use the Infinity Gauntlet and save use the universe, resulting in his near-instant demise.

Despite Stark not being one of my top ten favorite characters his death in Endgame always makes me cry buckets and his suits alone are just so cool, especially as they evolve over time.

Tomorrow I share my top ten favorite Marvel characters and I’m very excited to see how they all stack up.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a remarkable day.

3 thoughts on “Ranking the Characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Part 4”

  1. Tony Stark is actually probably in my personal top three. The reasons are a bit deep, but profound, but the TL;DR version of it is, “our world would be a much, MUUUUUUCH better place if more people born into generational wealth were like Tony Stark.” That guy had soooo many occasions where his own self-interest, multi-generational wealth, and “can build a super-nuclear reactor he can hold in his hand using the scraps he’s got lying around in a cave” brilliance could have led him to take the easy way out. Indeed, it’s the defining struggle of his character, as it would be for almost anyone who can just buy, invent, or call the right buddies for the simplest solutions for any practical problem that gets in his way.

    And yet he doesn’t. He literally shuts down his own primary business model in the beginning and ultimately sacrifices his life in the end for the greater good. And it would have been so much easier for him not to.

    Imagine how much better the real world would be if enough of the right stupendously wealthy people were like Tony Stark.

    It goes the other way in Marvel, too. Kang went the other way. If they ever get him right in the MCU, so did Doom. Doom, if they ever get him right, is like Batman (always prepared and seemingly always ready to outsmart everyone he encounters), Stark (amazingly brilliant and using powered armor tech to further his ends), and Strange (not quite as capable a sorcerer, but getting there) rolled up into one singularity of brilliant evil, and sometimes he’s even an antihero as such when he manages to do the right thing… but more often, he’s a pure villain, and his arrogance and petty jealousy and other character flaws consistently bring him down when he is.

    …I really hope they get Doom right…

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