Marvel Studios Is Building Their Rebuttal to ‘The Suicide Squad’

Marvel and DC Comics have been copying each other’s characters and stories for decades. DC Comics has Bumblebee, Marvel has Wasp. Marvel has Ant-Man, DC Comics has Atom. DC Comics has Aquaman, Marvel has Namor. Marvel has Thanos, DC Comics has Darkseid. DC Comics has Green Lantern, Marvel has Captain Marvel. You get the memo. If one company makes a character or a storyline that’s working the other company jumps on the bandwagon as soon as possible.

The DCEU beat Marvel Studios at the punch with Wonder Woman but then Marvel Studios would come back two years later with Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel would go on to make the most money of the two, earning over a billion dollars at the box office. Marvel Studios however made Black Panther and are now about to unleash Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings onto the world while the DCEU don’t seem anywhere close to making a solo film featuring a predominant POC cast featuring a POC hero.

The Suicide Squad First Reactions Are In - Den of Geek

Now there’s The Suicide Squad, a film essentially made twice featuring a band of bad guys having to save the world from a terrible threat. 2016’s Suicide Squad was a flop but it got people still wanting more from DC Comics’ band of evil (or misguided) misfits. In steps James Gunn to take the reins.

Now The Suicide Squad is being touted by critics as a “must-see” and “James Gunn’s best film.” That’s not a surprise considering that he’s the mind behind Guardians of the Galaxy which is still considered to be one of the best comic book movies of all time.

Considering that fans are liking the idea of bad guy-teams having to save the day, it looks like Marvel Studios is building their own villain-crew to take over the big screen in a few years and they’re called the Thunderbolts.

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‘Black Widow’ Has Made Me Even More Excited for ‘Fantastic Four’

What was your favorite superhero growing up as a child? There are the obvious favorites; Batman, Superman, Spider-Man. My favorite superhero(s) as a child, however, were the Fantastic Four.

I remember watching Fantastic Four as a child and loving the family dynamic of the superhero team while being equally fascinated by their powers. Sue Storm, of course, was my favorite. I loved that she could turn invisible. I also loved Mr. Fantastic whose stretchy abilities made him so cool!

Upon recently revisiting this movie after so many years I could see all of the film’s narrative flaws as well as its overbearing cheesiness but there’s still a fondness I hold for these characters that has never wavered.

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