‘Black Widow’ Has Made Me Even More Excited for ‘Fantastic Four’

What was your favorite superhero growing up as a child? There are the obvious favorites; Batman, Superman, Spider-Man. My favorite superhero(s) as a child, however, were the Fantastic Four.

I remember watching Fantastic Four as a child and loving the family dynamic of the superhero team while being equally fascinated by their powers. Sue Storm, of course, was my favorite. I loved that she could turn invisible. I also loved Mr. Fantastic whose stretchy abilities made him so cool!

Upon recently revisiting this movie after so many years I could see all of the film’s narrative flaws as well as its overbearing cheesiness but there’s still a fondness I hold for these characters that has never wavered.

When I heard we’d finally be getting the Fantastic Four in the MCU my excitement immediately began to rise but I was (and am) still skeptical. However it took Black Widow to make me realize that the Fantastic Four are truly in good hands now. This is why.

First Black Widow Trailer Takes a Look at Romanoff's Nuclear Family

I honestly wasn’t expecting Black Widow to be a good movie. I totally expected to come away from the film having enjoyed the action sequences but would be annoyed by the family dynamic the movie presented. Instead, it was the family dynamic that made the film so special.

The surrogate Russian family were the perfect example of that dysfunctional-type family construct that makes the Fantastic Four such an engaging and authentic story. The Fantastic Four aren’t perfect but what keeps them together is their undeniable love for one another.

Seeing Black Widow changed my mind on what to expect with the Fantastic Four movie and now I have to hope that the film finally makes Doctor Doom the iconic villain that he is.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a tremendous day.

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