Will We See More MCU Character Variants in Season 2 of ‘Loki’?

It’s been roughly two weeks since Loki ended and I’m still finding a way to talk about the series almost every single day. I know I should move on and get myself prepared for What If…? but just bear with me for a little bit longer. I’l be running out of Loki-inspired posts soon…I think.

As I sat around thinking about, you guessed it, Loki, I began to wonder if the second season could give us even more variants of the title character or maybe variants of other characters.

For one, I would love to see a more accurate interpretation of Lady Loki in the second season. Even though I loved Sylvie and thought she was a perfect partner for Loki’s God of Mischief in the series’ first season I’ve always wanted to see Lady Loki in the MCU.

what is bohner if not peter maximoff persevering — I just want to know who  looked at the mysterious...

You know, the Lady Loki who’s just undeniably naughty. She could be that extra monkey wrench in Loki’s mission to save the universe that would provide him another obstacle against himself, essentially.

Maybe this Lady Loki is the right-hand woman of Kang the Conqueror like Loki was Thanos’ pawn. That would make her a formidable foe. Or maybe she’s just another antagonist trying to take control of the galaxy. All in all, I think we need to see more female variants of Loki and introducing Lady Loki would be the perfect way to do that.

And here’s a thought. What if Loki met a variant of Thor in the second season? First off, that would ensure that Loki and Thor would be back together again which is something I desperately need to happen considering that Loki is very much alive and back in the MCU for what feels like a good amount of time.

And no, this Thor variant doesn’t even have to be played by Chris Hemsworth.

If the first season of Loki showed us anything, it showed us that Marvel Studios can now get very creative in a way they couldn’t in the past. That first season provided multiple actors a chance to play Loki so why shouldn’t we have a new Thor? Here are a few Thors from the comics that could be a great fit for Season 2 of Loki.

The Ultimate Thor

Thor from the Ultimate Marvel universe on the cover of 2002's Ultimates #4

If played by another actor, we could see another version of Thor that could be a nice change of pace for the show. The Ultimate Thor has a half-hammer, half-axe version of Mjolnir and is a bit of a diva. Who could play him other than Chris Hemsworth? I have no idea but it sounds like a really cool character.

Of Course, the Mighty Thor

Before Thor 4: How Jane Foster became female Thor in Marvel comics - Polygon

Thor: Love and Thunder will definitely be taking place before Loki‘s Season 2 so there is a chance that Natalie Portman could reprise her role as the Mighty Thor in the series.

That would be fitting considering that Loki does indeed know Jane Foster. Their dynamic as Thor and Loki in this alternate timeline could be a fun story to explore as they try to save the universe from Kang the Conqueror.

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill (Character) - Comic Vine

One thing we know for certain is that this series doesn’t have a problem with getting weird. And considering that Beta Ray Bill is a character Marvel fans have been waiting to see in the MCU for years, it might be really cool to see his story unfold alongside Loki’s.

Red Norvell

Red Norvell

With red hair and a bit of a villainous streak, Red Norvell ends up obtaining the powers of Thor thanks to Loki helping him steal Odin’s belt of strength and iron gloves, allowing him to wield Mjolnir.

Because this Thor is more selfish, bombastic, and a bit of a pain in the you-know-what, it would be a nice contrast to our Heroic Loki.

Ororo, Goddess of Thunder

Ororo, Goddess of Thunder

Yes, apparently at some time or another Ororo, thanks to Loki messing around as usual, obtained Mjolnir and thus the powers of Thor. Loki’s trickery almost led to her killing Wolverine but she didn’t, electing to give up her newfound power.

The prospect of Ororo becoming Thor in the Loki series is very slim indeed but it is a cool concept.

Could Throg Return?

The fifth episode of Loki introduced Throg to the MCU in hilarious fashion but what if he turned out to be a main character in the second season as he helps Loki save the universe?

The thought isn’t entirely preposterous, especially considering that some of the most-liked MCU characters are Rocket and now Alligator Loki. Throg would be an undeniable hit and could be the best pick for the second season.

And that’s not even all of the Thor variants that could show up in this show.

Essentially, the tables are wide open for Loki and yes, I truly believe Thor could make an appearance in the series in a prominent role, but it won’t even have to be the Thor we know at all.

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