‘Hawkeye’ May Be the Best Disney+ Series This Year

Hawkeye is a character that has long been slept on in the MCU and yet he’s managed to play a pivotal supporting role throughout his run in this franchise. I recently saw a post on Instagram that laid out the facts; every team that Hawkeye’s on wins. Don’t believe me? Here are the facts.

  1. When he became one of the core six Avengers they defeated Loki and his army of Chitauri at the Battle of New York.
  2. In Age of Ultron, they managed to beat Ultron on Sokovia and saved the world.
  3. In Captain America: Civil War, he joined Cap’s team and they won, considering that Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes still managed to get away to try and stop the Winter Soldiers.
  4. He wasn’t a part of the fight in Infinity War and The Avengers lost terribly.
  5. He did join the fight in Endgame and well, The Avengers defeated Thanos and saved the universe.

Yeah, Hawkeye’s a secret MVP in the MCU but he’s never got the recognition he deserved…until now.

Later this year the bow-wielding assassin will finally be getting his own series which he will share alongside Kate Bishop, an up-and-coming protege who takes on the Hawkeye mantle in the comics. While we haven’t had much word on the series’ storyline it’s becoming more and more clear–as characters are starting to be announced or rumored to be in the series–that this very well may be the best Disney+ series this year.

And yes, I know Loki was incredible. I’m talking mind-blowing every week with a fun storyline that concluded into something major, but Hawkeye has the chance of being something that we haven’t really seen in the MCU; a dark, gritty story whose tone and stakes could be far more serious than previously thought.

From what I’ve managed to learn over the last year, this will be another dark phase in Clint Barton’s story. Apparently, he’s losing hearing in his ear which is going to undoubtedly be difficult for him to handle, especially as a bunch of assassins try to kill him.

Yelena Belova: Florence Pugh's Black Widow Character Explained - CINEMABLEND

It’s already been revealed that we will get to know more about his time as Ronin which will no doubt attribute to his troubles in New York City in this series. Yelena Belova’s after him, deaf assassin Echo will be playing a role in this series, and now we’re learning that Kingpin is rumored to be in the show as well.

It’s obvious; somebody wants Clint Barton dead. It’s very possible that this show could turn out to be something truly extraordinary as we finally get a chance to see Hawkeye highlighted in such a fun (and undoubtedly awesome) way.

And if the writers can tell a concise story that truly embraces the grittier side of the MCU that we rarely get to see Hawkeye could potentially be the best Marvel Disney+ series this year.

Are you excited for Hawkeye? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

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