Ranking the ‘Spider-Man’ Movies I’ve Seen So Far

It’s Spider-Man Day and I thought it would be fun to rank the Spider-Man films I’ve seen today. This includes even Venom. Enjoy!

5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

How Spider-Man Got His 'Amazing' New Costume - MTV

I remember going to see this in theaters seven years ago. I didn’t like it that much. Electro was terrible and the film is ultimately rather forgettable, other than the shocking fact that *SPOILER ALERT* dies at the end of the movie which I definitely did NOT see coming.

Could there have been a third movie? Yes, but then we wouldn’t have gotten Tom Holland’s Spider-Man trilogy so I’m happy with the way things turned out.

4. Venom

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While Venom isn’t the worst comic book movie I’ve ever seen I’m still a bit dumbfounded that this film made a little over $800 million worldwide. I mean, the movie is just so generic, boring and kind of ridiculous but Tom Hardy manages to keep the movie from completely sinking.

Whether Venom: Let There Be Carnage is still coming out in September, I’m not sure, but I don’t think it’s going to be better than the first one and that’s a bad sign.

3. Spider-Man: Homecoming

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Homecoming was definitely better than I expected. The movie was able to blend classic teenage woes while maintaining an entertaining story that cemented Spidey’s place in the MCU. Plus, it has one of the best plot twists in the franchise.

2. Spider-Man: Far from Home

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What Homecoming and Far from Home have in common is that they are both lovable movies. But I happen to like this movie a little bit better because first off, Homecoming is twenty minutes too long. Secondly, MJ is a far better love interest than Liz. And three, I love Mysterio. He’s cool, hilarious, and he felt like a better adversary for Peter.

And 1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

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Not only is this the best Spider-Man movie ever made it’s, in my opinion, the best animated movie ever made too. It feels like a genuine comic book movie with the animation perfectly blending the vibrancy of comic

One thought on “Ranking the ‘Spider-Man’ Movies I’ve Seen So Far”

  1. Venom is just a super hot character, one of only a few Spider-Man villains introduced after the very fertile 1960s years who developed a huge fan-following. And, yes, Carnage is one of the others with a massive following. The sequel with Carnage would’ve grossed more domestically than the first movie in a normal year, unless people just absolutely hated it. I still think it could pull it off. The only other post-1960s villain that I think rates up with those two is the Hobgoblin, but that’s a story for a different time.

    You must be in a pretty rare spot to have seen some of every Spider-Man franchise except the Raimi/Maguire ones. I hope you check them out before No Way Home comes out. It might help get the right impact if you are introduced to the villains before seeing them apparently team up in No Way Home. I think the first two are an incredible pair of films, that achieve a definitive interpretation of the character. It’s clear Raimi was a real fan of the original comic books, and made making a faithful adaptation his priority above personal opinions or box office considerations.

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