Why Am I Happy ‘The Bad Batch’ Ends Tomorrow?

The Bad Batch. It’s been quite a ride hasn’t it? In fact, this series began four months ago on Star Wars Day with the best premiere for a Star Wars series I had ever seen. Then everything went downhill from there.

I wanted to love this series. I really did. But with every exhilarating ascent came an equally crushing descent the very next week to just crush my soul. This show had so much potential; Crosshair going on interesting assassination missions with the first Death Trooper squad, Wrecker turning evil, a never-ending barrage of awesome bounty hunters to hunt for Omega, I mean the possibilities of a truly great and unique series was there for the taking. But these were just fleeting storylines in the massive hodgepodge of a story that never understood what it really was.

Is this a familial space adventure with a few hiccups on the way or is this a riveting dark drama revealing to us the early machinations of the Empire? A bit of both, I suppose.

Because this series never found a solid footing I have found this series to be mostly uninteresting and honestly quite irritating for the past few weeks. Now, the finale drops tomorrow and I couldn’t be happier. The weekly anguish will be over.

Next year we’re getting a (hopefully shorter) second season but for now, I am going to enjoy this break from the clones and their all-over-the-place storyline. But, because I don’t want this post to be entirely negative, I will acknowledge that this series has undoubtedly some of the best animation for an animated series that I have ever seen. I’m talking absolutely sublime. Imagine if we got a Clone Wars-esque series set between The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker with animation like this? It would be incredible!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. May the Force be with you.