‘The Bad Batch’ Concludes With a Muted Bang

I’ve got to admit, that finale was pretty good. Yes, it was slow with a lot of dialogue but for the first time in weeks I felt invested in the storyline, in the moments shared between the characters, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I got a tiny bit emotional at the end.

This episode invoked that old-timey Star Wars feeling in me that I haven’t felt in a long time; that essence of familial drama in the midst of a terribly tense situation while the music adds another layer of weight to the subject material. I loved that the series concluded the way that it did with no major cameos in sight and an enticing cliffhanger that has me actually kind of excited to see the second season next year.

Did that finale suddenly change my conflicted opinion on the overall series? No, it did not. But it was better than I expected it to be and that’s a relief.

Overall, I still think that Star Wars: Rebels had the best first season for a series because by the finale I was far more invested in the characters and their story. Plus, that *SPOILER ALERT* reveal at the very end of the first season was so exciting I remember exclaiming with joy. Talk about a long wait for a second season!

However, if I had to pick between The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch for best first season I’d undoubtedly give it to The Bad Batch. Even with all of its narrative flaws it benefits from years of storytelling set up by The Clone Wars, resulting in a story that ultimately is far more interesting in subject matter than the beginning of The Clone Wars could’ve ever been.

Now, onto the next Star Wars series, The Book of Boba Fett. Woo!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you!

2 thoughts on “‘The Bad Batch’ Concludes With a Muted Bang”

  1. I did think the ending was a bit anticlimactic, but I’ll see how I feel when I mull it over for my own post tomorrow. It was mostly suspense and, probably for the first time all season, no combat involved. Mostly just a lot of tension, both existentially and personally. One got resolved. The other didn’t. That said, it probably would’ve been contrived if the other didn’t at this point, and it’s very possible it never will. That’s probably better for the story in the long run. We both rolled our eyes when Wrecker’s wobbles became a nothingburger, and that this one didn’t follow suit is not a bad thing.

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  2. It was anticlimactic as I was just not fully invested with the characters as CW. As for Crosshair I’m honestly glad that he will be a wildcard. And the head writer confirmed that Crosshair did get his chip out which is even more interesting. As for Omega , it has to get off her as the focus. The others are right, she’s al, but the leader of this group. Hunter has to step up next season and make a firm decision, are they going to help and become founding members of the Rebel cause or stick to mercenary work?
    Not to mention the show has to make a decision about that. Will they open it up to more characters or refocus on the group?

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