The Trailer for ‘The Matrix Ressurections’ Is Here!

I’ve just recently entered the mind-bending world of The Matrix but when I watched it I understood why the franchise was so beloved because honestly, it was amazing. A very unique story that took sci-fi to the next level. I’ll have to watch it again, in fact.

So, anyway, eighteen years after the last Matrix movie Neo is back and well, the trailer was actually kind of awesome. Check it out.

I’ve got to admit, this trailer covered me in goosebumps. The cinematography makes this film look like John Wick meets The Matrix and the action looks amazing.

Do I think the story is going to be good? Honestly, I’m not quite sure. It feels very reminiscent of other long-awaited sequels that strike you in the face with nostalgia by returning to old moments from the original film rather than pushing the boundaries of something new.

Despite this, I most definitely will be seeing it this Christmas season either in theaters or on HBO Max.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.

2 thoughts on “The Trailer for ‘The Matrix Ressurections’ Is Here!”

  1. Heh. The Matrix could be a blog rant for me all on its own. In my opinion, although I understand that the Wachowskis weren’t going to leave hundreds of millions of dollars on the table, I don’t think the sequels should’ve been made on a narrative level. The original made for an excellent dystopian sci fi story with a ray of hope at the end. The problem is, it’s really hard to actually “solve” something like that and have it be plausible. There’s only two readily available outcomes: either you have the hero solve the impossible situation in some way that makes it look far less impossible (which almost inevitably leads to people wondering why past generations never did it), or you don’t actually solve it and the hero (and the audience) is left in a hamster wheel in an ongoing tragedy. The Matrix sequels kind of did a mishmash of both, that didn’t really leave a particularly good ending in general. In my opinion, on a narrative level they’d have been better off leaving the original movie to stand on its own.

    That said, I’m inevitably going to watch this anyway, but I have fairly low hopes for it.

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