‘What If…?’ Left Me Gobsmacked Today

Once again, Marvel Studios proves that they know how to make us happy and boy, did they penultimate episode push me over the moon.

The series has been slowly leading to a fascinating finale but now, with context, this finale could turn out to to one of the most epic MCU showdowns of all time.

Ultron is the star of this week’s rodeo and oh, he does not disappoint. For all of us who wished he had been a bit scarier in Age of Ultron we got our wish tenfold. This week’s episode was pure exhilaration from beginning to end as it showcased so many jaw-dropping moments. And that ending! Wow that ending had me floored.

Hmm, is What If…? my new favorite Marvel Disney+ series?

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.