I’m Seeing ‘Dune’ Tomorrow and I Am Excited!

One thing I love is a film that truly embraces the scope and power of IMAX. And apparently, Dune is one of those movies.

Tomorrow I’ll finally, after a month of hearing so many great things, be able to see what the hype is about and I am pumped! The next time you all will be hearing from me will be after I see the movie. Hopefully I’ll have nothing but good things to say.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

3 thoughts on “I’m Seeing ‘Dune’ Tomorrow and I Am Excited!”

  1. The IMAX showings are nearly sold out here for all the Thursday and Friday evening screenings. Looks like it may meet or exceed box office expectations for the weekend, at least based on what I’m seeing. I was thinking of seeing it at an AMC Dolby Cinema theater because I’ve heard good things about them, especially for sound. I think they have big screens too, but they wouldn’t include any extended IMAX aspect ratio, if Dune has that. It would be a longer drive but I want to try those theaters out. Sadly, neither IMAX nor Dolby screen movies in 3D anymore. I have a feeling they’ll bring it back for Avatar 2, which will beg the question, why does 3D not matter for any other movies besides Avatar?

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    1. Yeah, they’ve taken 3D from IMAX as well. But the spectacle is still there (including the larger aspect ratio) so I’m excited. I got my tickets weeks ago so I’m lucky. My theater is almost sold out so yeah, this movie should have a decent opening box-office weekend.

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  2. I’m hoping it is good. I saw the original cut down version in theaters a long time ago and the editing really ruined the film. The extended version was better, but still felt off in parts. Maybe it was trying to use big names that did it. Not sure.

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