I Watched the 80s’ ‘Dune’ and the New ‘Dune’ Back to Back: Here’s What I Think

Friday afternoon I watched Dune and it managed to exceed all of my expectations. It was visually masterful, perfectly acted, and way easier to comprehend. But, being the movie buff that I am, I wanted to revisit David Lynch’s Dune to see the differences between the old and the new versions as well to get a greater idea of what to expect in Part Two.

First off, Villeneuve’s version, based off of the material we’ve gotten so far is undoubtedly the superior version. Everything is handled with so much more thought. There’s a presence to the new Dune that the other one just doesn’t have. Basically, you can tell the director, the actors, and everyone involved with this movie put every fiber of their being into this film because it shows.

What I can say about Lynch’s Dune is that it does feel a bit more faithful to the actual book in all of its weirdest ways, like the almost unwatchable grossness of the Harkonnens, the hilarious voice-activated version of the weirding way, or the very cryptic version of Paul’s visions. But the second half of the film which flies by painted a ridiculously epic picture of what’s to come in Part Two.

I found myself watching Lynch’s Dune giddy just imagining the possibilities of what Villeneuve has in store for us with the next movie.

So, after finishing the old version I got to the new version and once again I was blown away by how good version roots movie is. It’s not the best movie I’ve ever seen but it’s one of the greatest movies I’ve seen… if that makes sense. This film was made with such an epic scale in mind that you are immersed into a literal world with these remarkable characters. And watching the old version only allowed me to understand the new version even more.

So, all in all, my feelings for both films are pretty much the same. I just have an even greater excitement for Part Two now.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

4 thoughts on “I Watched the 80s’ ‘Dune’ and the New ‘Dune’ Back to Back: Here’s What I Think”

  1. Part Two is literally what I’m living for at this point! This first movie was incredibly stunning, and Dir. Denis Villeneuve continues to “wow” all of us! He’s got an incredible range of talent for directing a film at such a large scale. After pondering on my own experience watching Villeneuve’s adaptation of Dune this weekend, I have to say, it’s incredible what a team of people can do when given the right direction and support to achieve that vision!

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  2. It’s neat that you saw Lynch’s version along with the new version of “Dune.” I was a teenager when Lynch’s movie came out, and I barely remember it. I’ve read about it being a bad movie, but I might have to check it out to see what I think of it all these years later.

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    1. It’s definitely very 80s’ and it has its storytelling problems but the second half of the film, the best half, is pretty enjoyable, especially when imagining how Villeneuve will bring it to the big screen in his version.

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