‘Eternals’ Is NOT the Worst MCU Film At All But It’s Not One of the Best Either

The word for the past two weeks is that Eternals is a long, dense, incomprehensible mess of a movie that is incredibly flat despite some astonishing visuals. However, that’s just not the case.

Eternals is long, yes. Is it dense? For sure. But it’s not incomprehensible nor is it bad as the critics say.

A few hours ago I watched Eternals and I found myself engaged in the story that seemed to move along at a relatively fine pace that was full of fascinating characters who were each given impactful stories. Basically, everyone’s going to have a different favorite character for a different reason.

Eternals - Rotten Tomatoes

I’ve got a lot of thoughts about this one because it practically was perfect for the film that it was and yes, Chloe Zhao did embrace the complexity of the Eternals and crafted a powerful story that explores humanity and why this world is such a special place. Unfortunately, Zhao is a certain type of artist and her stamp mostly works for this movie but at times you can totally tell she is out of her league with this one.

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I’m Seeing ‘Eternals’ Today!

Well, folks, I’m seeing Eternals today and I’ve got to say, this is the first time since The Rise of Skywalker that I’ve been this pessimistic about going to see a film. I am one to create my own opinions on a film and not listen to the critics but I can’t help noticing the Rotten Tomatoes score getting lower and lower.

But the audience is beginning to speak and they are struck by the withering reviews the critics left behind. They are calling the film epic, dark, mature, profound, and all-around incredible. So maybe I’ll join their ranks and find the film very enjoyable. One thing’s for certain. I’ll be providing a verdict in a matter of hours. I hope I have good news.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.