Did Angelina Jolie Confirm That We’re Getting an ‘Eternals’ Prequel?!

Last Friday the world was introduced to an ensemble of new superheroes called the Eternals. The film was regarded harshly by critics and met with growing enthusiasm among casual viewers and now the film’s writers are beginning to speak out.

They have begun sharing some ideas for a sequel and have even alluded to a prequel which would be on Disney+. Apparently it would be an episodic piece following certain Eternals and their impact on humanity/history. One such episode would feature Thena and her time in Greece which would undoubtedly lead to Athena’s legend being born.

And apparently, Angelina Jolie herself confirmed the prequel idea.

This actually sounds awesome and even though I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t happen the thought is definitely exhilarating.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

One thought on “Did Angelina Jolie Confirm That We’re Getting an ‘Eternals’ Prequel?!”

  1. That’s the trope that doesn’t really interest me anymore. The idea that some eternal beings, a secret society, or time travelers, have been influencing historical events has been done a lot of times before.
    Prometheus (the movie) touched on that, Wonder Woman did a little of that, Pennywise in the IT movies delved into that area a bit, and the League of Shadows in Batman Begins had that as a major plot point. I’m sure I’ve seen it elsewhere before too. The cuteness of that idea has worn out its welcome for me. So I hope any Eternals followup just deals with the cliffhanger they created.

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