These Books Are Perfect Gifts for the Holidays

One of my favorite presents to get as a child was a good book. There’s something magical about a new book for Christmas. Not only does it make that book special but you’ll grow up always remembering your appreciation of that book.

Today, I’m sharing with you four books that will make your children and maybe even an adult friend especially cheerful for this holiday season.

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First off, these two books are absolutely incredible! You can’t see it in the picture but these books are thick and will absolute dazzle even adults with its wealth of information.

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My personal favorite between the two was the World Atlas which is utterly enthralling to flip through. There’s so much amazing information; engaging details about our incredible world and interesting tidbits about our world’s economy and climate.

Not only will this book be regarded fondly by your children for years as they revisit this book’s pages to learn something new but it’s a gift for the holidays.

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And if your children love animals The Ultimate Book of African Animals is just as fascinating. Diving deep into the details of these beautiful and mesmerizing creatues, The Ultimate Book of African Animals feels like walking through a zoo. There are so many pictures, so much information, that if you read this book you will know more about African animals than the average person.

It’s absolutely fantastic. But that’s not all.

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There is this utterly adorable children’s book, Zeus the Mighty: The Tales of Hairy-Clees, that features a bunch of animals (who, of course, are best friends) pretending to go on these incredible adventures based off of our mythological tales.

Every page oozes cuteness and yes, there are more of this series so if your child loves it you can surprise them with more stories featuring their new favorite mouse hero.

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And last but definitely not least we have Ken Napzok’s Why We Love Star Wars: The Great Moments That Built a Galaxy Far, Far Away. This book is unlike any Star Wars book I’ve seen as Ken Napzok literally counts down 100 of the best moments in this massive franchise and why they are so magical.

So far, I’ve read the foreword and prologue and not only has it found a way to feel so human–like a simple chat through the park with a fellow Star Wars fan–but it just reminds you how magical this franchise really is and how it has impacted each and every one of us when we first laid eyes on this incredible story.

The only bummer about the book is it came out before The Rise of Skywalker and The Mandalorian so we have no idea where Ken Napzok would place new iconic moments like Kylo Ren’s turn of redemption with Han Solo, Mando’s first encounter with Grogu or Luke Skywalker’s epic return at the end of The Mandalorian‘s second season. However, the book does include moments from The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels and that alone is exciting.

I can’t wait to one day take some time and dive deep into this novel…and then I’ll probably watch my favorite Star Wars movies and favorite episodes of The Clone Wars/Rebels/The Mandalorian shortly thereafter.

This will be the perfect gift for a fellow Star Wars fan and will definitely be a talking piece for your next Star Wars-related conversation.

So, there are the four books that I feel are perfect additions to your holiday shopping this year.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

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