‘Encanto’ Is Sweet But It’s Not Very Fun

What did I do for Thanksgiving? I started my morning by watching/thoroughly enjoying the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade while snacking on M&M’s as the Thanksgiving food cooked for lunchtime. When the National Dog Show began food was ready and oh was it delicious. Once my Thanksgiving food was finished I started getting ready to go to the movies to watch Disney’s 60th animated film, Encanto. And I had a fun time.

Encanto' reviews: What critics are saying about Disney's new film

Encanto, like every Disney movie, is vibrant with an emotionally-driven story and a batch of likable songs. Unfortunately, this was not the film I expected.

Most, if not every Disney movie, has some sort of grand adventure attached to it or at least an awesome villain that makes the story very interesting. This film had neither. It’s a story that literally revolves around a house and because of that, the story, to me, felt incomplete and a tad bit boring.

The characters are fun, engaging, and their magical abilities are wonderful and unique but unfortunately, I didn’t like the protagonist very much. She’s one of the few Disney heroes that actually got on my nerves a tad bit. She just felt so infuriating at times and maybe that’s wrong to say because I totally understood what she was trying to do but…

Okay, Encanto was fun and many think it’s another great Disney movie but it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I’m not saying it’s bad or not worth watching because it’s not. It’s actually a really sweet story that many will love and will probably become a Disney favorite but this was kind of like Inside Out for me. Just not my favorite film.

Oh, and it didn’t make me cry. But the Disney short film before it, Far from the Tree, nearly broke me. Lol.

I’m giving Encanto 87 out of 100 and 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

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