‘Hawkeye’ Delivers the Best Penultimate Episode So Far

I knew this show was going to be good but I still don’t think I was quite ready for how emotional this show was going to be. This latest episode was fantastic from start to finish, delivering emotional blow after blow until by the show’s conclusion I realized I needed to let the episode digest before I decided to write anything.

Hawkeye episode 5 recap: Marvel show takes a wildly exciting turn - CNET

I think the thing that has impressed me the most about Hawkeye is how connected to the MCU it feels. The other series felt like they were trying too hard to be individual entities in this massive franchise and yet Hawkeye is embracing the movies wholeheartedly. Every episode provides a reference to a past Avengers movie, the relationship between Clint and Natasha, the aftermath of Endgame, or Ronin’s violent past. And it’s fantastic!

Minor Spoilers Ahead!

Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova in Marvel Studios' HAWKEYE. Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. All Rights Reserved.
Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova in Marvel Studios HAWKEYE. Photo Courtesy of Marvel Studios. All Rights Reserved.

And now that Yelena is involved in the show it feels like a direct connection to Black Widow. Like this is the definitive next chapter in her story instead of just a glorified cameo.

One of the things I loved most in this episode was seeing The Avengers Memorial. It was beautiful and it shows that this is a real world. People appreciate what The Avengers have done. Not to mention that it was the most emotional scene in the episode and had me crying!

All in all, while I’m not quite sure if I can say I personally like Hawkeye more than Loki because Loki was just so darn enjoyable this is undoubtedly the most solid MCU series of the year so far. What an entertaining penultimate episode.

One thought on “‘Hawkeye’ Delivers the Best Penultimate Episode So Far”

  1. I watched it last night and wrote my own blog on it. I’m still not really there on this series. I’m not sure Hawkeye is actually supposed to be the star of this show any more, and Kate is a painful stereotype of “tragic princess of privilege with serious missing daddy issues and spunk who idolizes the hero.” Yelena is more interesting in ten minutes over mac and sriracha than everyone else is in all five episodes. But at the end, all the major plot elements of this show are retreads of things the other three did (from blipped supporting character to big grief over someone they lost to Thanos to, now, Kate’s mom taking up the role of “It Was Agatha All Along!”) except the earlier shows all did it better. (Okay, maybe Yelena did it ok.) Kingpin’s arrival only surprised me in that it didn’t turn out that the hints he’d come along were red herrings like all the Mephisto predictions were.

    I didn’t quit the series to this point, at least. But I’m very ready for it to be over. It’s just… ok. I wanted it to be better, and maybe I’m just Marvel’ed out at this point, or maybe I’m just too annoyed at all the shallow angst as a substitute for character development, but… I’m just not picking up what they’re putting down much. 😞

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