‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Is Better This Week (Thankfully)

Last week’s episode had me really peeved and this week’s episode had me annoyed in some ways too but still…it did its thing. Was I expecting this show to be the flashback express? No, I wasn’t, but that’s what it’s become. Is this a good thing? Yes and no.

On one hand, it’s great because we get to spend more time with the Tusken Raiders who have undoubtedly stolen the show. I may not know the name of the female Raider but she has become one of my favorite female characters in the entire franchise. Her presence is just so awesome and if anything happens to her I’m going to be very upset.

And then on the other hand, the flashbacks are distracting as heck!


Two twin Hutts just showed up and I think we just saw Tarful! I want to get back to that. But no. Instead, we have to become aware of why Boba showed up in The Mandalorian looking all rad with a cool outfit and stick that he knew how to use very well. Ugh.

And is it just me or does there seem like there’s something awfully cheap about this show? I may have said this last week but it’s becoming more apparent with each episode.

Like the two humans in the bar. Their clothes looked…okay but they felt like two cosplayers instead of actual Star Wars characters. And that’s ultimately been the problem. The acting (and costumes) has felt so stunted that it just sucks me out of the story sometimes.

Oh, and we went to the Twi’lek bar last week. Did we really have to go back there so we could see the pretty Twi’leks again? It just felt repetitive and it makes the city feel small.

All in all, I’m still not even close to being a fan of this show but at least it was better than last week.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

4 thoughts on “‘The Book of Boba Fett’ Is Better This Week (Thankfully)”

  1. I sort of wrote this up with more grumbling in my own post on this… but the only theory I can come up with right now for why all this flashback stuff isn’t a total waste of time is if they’re setting this up to have a big aboriginal army of Tuskens and what not rising up against the Hutts on Boba’s behalf because they think they’d be better off with him in charge of the planet and/or “he’s one of them.” If that isn’t where they’re going, then I don’t know at all why they’re not completely wasting our time with this, because it certainly isn’t terribly interesting. It frankly reminds me of the scenes with Chewie’s family in the infamous holiday special.

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      1. Yeah. I mean… IF Book of Boba Fett manages to deliver this payoff and stick the landing, then maybe it’d justify all this. I mean, who wouldn’t be up for a seemingly hopeless moment being broken up by the natives suddenly rising up like the inspiring scene of the Ewoks showing up in Return of the Jedi or… wait, wait, I have another one… all the ships suddenly showing up on Exegol (suspension of disbelief about finding the “secret planet” be damned) in The Rise of Skywalker or… or…

        …um, are you SURE this would be very cool? 😛

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