Should ‘Squid Game’ Have a Second Season?

In case you missed it, last year the Korean drama Squid Game became a global phenomenon after it soared to stardom on Netflix thanks to its incredibly shocking and mostly original story that had everyone freaking out. Even my sister and I watched it…and it was quite traumatizing.

The series’ first season was a masterclass in suspense, horror, and downright emotional storyline. I’d never seen a show that had me so gripped and even as I began to suspect the outcome of the show it still managed to shock me.

Of course, in this greedy world of ours where the slightest success in entertainment leads to sequels, spin-offs, prequels, or eventual reboots, Netflix has decided to go ahead and make a second season of the hit drama. The question is, should they?

The first season was phenomenal as it displayed the frightening hunger for money in an incredibly disturbing way. It gave society a chance to look at oneself and it was brutal to watch but it was also kind of fascinating, of course. That’s why the show was so riveting.

Considering the conclusion of the first season, which was quite open-ended, it definitely felt like a second season was definitely going to happen. But now all I can think is that maybe I don’t want the magic of this story to be continued.

What more could we really get out of this story moving forward? I get the obvious story thread; Seong Gi-Hun has decided to go on a revenge tour to stop any other poor, debt-ridden souls from being sucked into that awful game. In a way, the war has just begun.

Basically, I just hope the second season lives up to the hype and if it doesn’t, well, I knew they should’ve let the story be.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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