Is Luke Skywalker the Worst Jedi Master Ever?

Well, The Book of Boba Fett is over. I can honestly say I’m relieved. The show had its moments of brilliance (mainly when it was The Mandalorian 2.5) but ultimately, as a whole, the show was a bit ridiculous. There was too much going on, too many flashbacks, and not enough awesome Boba-ness. (Yes, they Disney-fied Boba Fett.)

Forget that though. Let’s talk about Luke Skywalker and his track record of being a TERRIBLE Jedi Master.

In The Last Jedi we see Luke as this grumpy, hopeless old man who wants nothing to do with the Jedi. Even when his sister begs for his help he goes about his business on Ahch-To with a scowl on his face, refusing to teach Rey the ways of the Jedi.

When he finally does decide to teach her the ways of the Force it’s with only one goal in mind; to show her why the Jedi are so awful. He has a point which only reaches a catalyst after his nephew Ben falls to the dark and destroys his Jedi Academy. He ends up infuriating Rey so badly that she found herself willing to trust Kylo Ren more than the very man who once saved the galaxy from the Empire and Palpatine. Ouch.

His nephew Ben turned to the dark because apparently Luke was being a terrible mentor and Snoke was able to manipulate him. Snoke, a twisted being who seems like the last person you should trust seemed more trustworthy than Ben’s uncle, Luke Skywalker.

And then there’s Grogu who is being a dutiful student and yet Luke is having a hard time with him. Instead of teaching him to embrace his attachment to Mando in the same way Luke used his love for his father to save the Galaxy he patronizes Grogu for his feelings. He makes him choose between Yoda’s lightsaber and thus following the path of the Jedi or the mithril, I mean, Beskar chain-mail Mando gifted Grogu. Grogu chooses the chain-mail and instead of simply being a responsible adult and accompanying The Child to find Mando he puts him in his X-Wing and sends him on his way. Was Luke offended that Grogu didn’t choose the path of the Jedi?

And there was a great Jedi who did not deny his attachments. His name was Kanan Jarrus and by the end he might just be one of the wisest Jedi of all time.

Luke’s treatment of his apprentices is a disturbing trend that doesn’t exactly diminish Luke as a character. It’s just his only and yet major character flaw.

Oh, and as I was writing this, this just dropped.

Let the screaming and cheering commence.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day. May the Force be with you.

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