Marvel Studios Is Finally Beginning to Dabble in the Dark Side

For years the MCU was definitely something the whole family could enjoy. The films, while under the PG-13 rating, were always rather tame with violence, cursing, and adult themes. They were the type of films children under 10 could enjoy and you wouldn’t even have to think twice about what you were about to show them. *nervous laughter* That ship has sailed.

With the ending of the Infinity Saga came also the ending of an era where it seemed that the MCU would always cater to adults and young children. It began with Black Widow whose opening moments seemed far more frightening than the usual MCU beginning.

From its darker themes (like trafficking) and heightened levels of violence, Black Widow cemented itself as a movie that felt like it was designed for children 13 and older. And it didn’t end there.

Loki was a story that despite its lack of violence, excessive cursing, and adult material, also felt like the type of story meant for tweens, teenagers, and adults.

And then there was Eternals which undoubtedly took the top spot for most mature content in the MCU by including, surprisingly, a sex scene! Yep, this one wasn’t for kids. With a mature storyline that involved a bunch of different relationships, betrayals, and a WHOLE LOT of exposition, Eternals was made for teenagers and adults only.

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