The Posters for ‘Moon Knight’ Are Legendary

I love posters. There’s something somewhat mesmerizing and awe-inspiring about seeing a poster for a movie or show that you’re really excited about. And the posters for Moon Knight have been nothing short of extraordinary. Here they are.

Simplistic yet striking, each of these posters tells a story about this character which is steeped in mystery. I don’t know much about Moon Knight other than he’s a very cool-looking character so I absolutely cannot wait to see his story unfold in the MCU.

I’m also very enthused to see more posters for the series in the coming weeks. (Who else still can’t believe that Oscar Isaac is part of the MCU? Because I know I’m still a bit taken aback that Poe Dameron’s about to be a superhero.)

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a spectacular day.

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