‘Ms. Marvel’ Has an Official Trailer!

It’s Kamala Khan’s time! Here’s the trailer for her upcoming show which I am SO EXCITED to see. Check it out.

I truly believe Iman Vellani is about to become as iconic as Tom Holland’s Spider-Man with her MCU debut in Ms. Marvel. Ms. Marvel has always been a fantastic character and now that she’s officially part of the MCU I’m freaking out a little bit.

That last shot especially…so many chills! This is going to be a great show, I can already tell.

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‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ At Home

So…I’ve seen Spider-Man: No Way Home for the second time and I have…mixed feelings.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is a solid movie with a lot of really great moments…if you’re a diehard Spider-Man fan…which I’m not. And that’s where the heart of the problem lies for this movie compared to Homecoming and Far from Home.

Those movies, of course, thematically, felt more fun and funnier. This movie is stuffed to the brim with fan service that paid off with the first viewing in a packed theater full of enthusiastic Spider-Man fans but at home…at times, some of the scenes fell flat. Like Tobey’s Peter and Andrew’s Peter meeting for the first time and having a Spidey face-off. That part was kind of meh. Or the apartment fight which is a good scene but not nearly as impactful as I remembered.

And yet, despite not feeling as much of an attachment as I felt last time to the story I didn’t refrain from crying quite a bit through the second half of this movie. This movie is very depressing. I’m talking go-to-bed-extremely-sad-depressing.

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