The Multiverse Is Open But Iron Man Should Remain Dead

Loki has changed the scope of the MCU forever with a chance for Marvel Studios to take this story in any way it wants thanks to the multiverse being created. With the arrival of the multiverse it seems like anything is possible.

Have you ever wanted to know what Emily Blunt would’ve been like as Black Widow? Or John Krasinski as Captain America? The multiverse could make it happen.

Do you want to see Chris Evans return as Captain America? There’s been rumors that he’s eyeing a return to the MCU and I’m pretty sure after what’s happened with Loki that’s going to happen. Hugh Jackman may have even teased a reprisal of his iconic role as Wolverine in the MCU via his Instagram page a couple of weeks ago.

Or do you want Deadpool to meet The Avengers? We’re in the multiverse now. Anything could happen.

So yes, the Multiverse is open and that means Kevin Feige can run wild with his imagination but there are some things that need to remain permanent and one such instance is Iron Man’s death.

Robert Downey Jr. played Tony Stark in nine movies for 11 years, often as the lead character or as a major co-star in the story. He had quite the evolution as a character and when there was no more to be done with him, Feige finally ended his story in a powerful way as he dies in order to save the universe.

I just watched Endgame again yesterday and Tony Stark’s last moments with Rhodey, Peter Parker, and Pepper Potts is still one of the most emotional moments in the MCU. As Tony sits there, half-charred and dying right before their eyes, one can’t help getting emotional seeing him in such a state.

When his light flickers out and he’s officially dead, Pepper kisses him on the cheek as the scene fades to black, the somber music adding to the morose moment. It’s a scene that I’ll never forget seeing for the first time.

I remember crying my eyes out in the packed theater, sporadic sniffles resounding through the auditorium as other Marvel fans mourned the passing of the MCU’s first hero. That last portion of the movie is dedicated so heavily to Stark’s death, with his last few words via hologram only making the scene even more emotional, that to upend all of that sorrow to bring him back for the sake of the fans would feel like a terrible thing to do.

Stark’s death needs to remain as something profound and everlasting, otherwise it will instantly make other future characters’ death seem less impactful. Just think about it.

If a character dies and comes back thanks to the multiverse, can we really take these Avengers’ potential demises seriously? Yes, there will be some brief tears but then the next day, we’ll all be theorizing when the character would be coming back. That’s not fun.

Of course, the same thing happened with Loki. He died in what felt like a very permanent way in Infinity War but then the following year Feige found a way to bring him back. (Thank you, Feige!)

The difference between Loki and Tony Stark is simple though. Stark had a concise storyline that had a beginning, a middle, and an end. Loki’s always just been a co-star; he’s either been a jealous brother to Thor or an unsuspected ally. And then he was dead. Now, his story is honestly just beginning.

Stark needs to stay dead and I think Robert Downey Jr. (who recently unfollowed all of his Marvel co-stars on Instagram) would agree.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

One thought on “The Multiverse Is Open But Iron Man Should Remain Dead”

  1. YES! I definitely agree! I know there are rumors that we might get a Tony Stark variant in Multiverse of Madness but I really hope not. Some people are just meant to stay dead in this universe. Bringing Tony back would do a real injustice to his character, and I highly doubt that RDJ would be up for that.

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