This Week’s Episode of ‘Moon Knight’ Made Me Laugh a Lot

There were quite a few things I was expecting from this show. Drama, horror elements, great acting, Egyptian mythology finally getting a spotlight in the MCU, but nothing prepared me for how funny this show was going to be.

This episode, beyond the lovable exposition that is setting the stage for an epic four-episode run, was hilarious. There were so many moments where I found myself either giggling or outright laughing. And Oscar Isaac’s portrayal of Steven Grant (why did I just say his name in a British accent in my head?) is perfect. He’s so dorky, so unsure of himself, but seeing him take on that jackal in the Mr. Knight outfit was so rewarding. I hope we get more of the Mr. Knight persona in the coming episodes.

Once again, I’m eagerly awaiting next week’s episode.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

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