I’m So Excited for Tomorrow’s Episode of ‘Moon Knight’!

When the critics watched the first four episodes of Moon Knight the consensus was that episodes 1 and 4 were the best, with Episode 4 being the best of the series so far. And that actually makes a lot of sense considering the narrative structures of these Disney+ series.

WandaVision‘s fifth episode was absolutely outstanding with Wanda showing us more of her villainous side, Vision beginning to break free of her control, and that jaw-dropping plot twist of Evan Peters’ Quicksilver arriving to pretend to be her brother. It was undoubtedly the most surprising episode in the series and also my second favorite episode just behind the saddening penultimate episode.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s fourth episode was stellar. From involving a fight scene featuring the Dora Milaje to that gobsmacking ending where John Walker took a man’s head off with the Captain America shield. It was, without a doubt, the best episode in the series.

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