This Week’s Episode of ‘Moon Knight’ Made Me Cry a Lot!

Moon Knight did it. It made me cry…a lot. This week’s episode was origin storytelling at its finest. Like WandaVision‘s eighth episode, it takes a look back through Marc’s life and what we learn is nothing short of depressing.

This episode featured DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) in a way that felt so comprehensive and perfectly illustrated in this series. When the episode ended I literally couldn’t stop crying, even as I read people’s tweets about the episode and their tearful reactions to the series’ shocking outcome.

I feel like I know what’s going to happen next week which is fine because honestly, I want it to transpire. I need the showdown between Moon Knight and Ammit. I’m just hoping the finale wraps up this portion of the story in a nice bow and leads into an announcement of a second season because I need more Moon Knight. He’s a fascinating character and Oscar Isaac is a GREAT addition to the MCU, which is something I didn’t expect at all.

All in all, next week’s finale is setting up to be one to remember…I think.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely day.

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Episode of ‘Moon Knight’ Made Me Cry a Lot!”

  1. I really liked this one. I wrote it up at greater length, but I honestly think this was the best penultimate episode in any of these limited series that Marvel’s done. Yeah, even over Loki. (I thought that shtick was rather self-indulgent there.) I like this series better than WandaVision now. There. I said it.

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    1. Whoa. Wow, they did it. They converted you. This series is making some great choices and yes, I will definitely have to read your review. I just hope the finale retains this darkness instead of becoming too easy when he saves the world.

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      1. Well… even when it got weird, I could tell they were at least trying for something, and I was willing to give it a shot and reserve judgment before I knew quite what I was seeing. The first couple episodes threw me when I first saw them, but when I watched them again, I was able to say, “oh, now I get it.” The third one was a bit better. The fourth’s ending was weird enough that I just had to say to myself, “yeah… I have to step back and try not to judge, and see where this is going.”

        And this was about the point where even the better Marvel series that have gone before started to slide a little. The last two episodes of WandaVision just… went downhill a bit. Falcon and Winter Soldier just never really quite found its footing, although it had a few good moments mixed in here and there and just couldn’t make it last. I think there was some other series about bird… vision… or something, I don’t think that one ever got made. And even if it did get made, I’m sure they wouldn’t do something crazy like having Black Widow 2.0 sitting right there and they leave her on the shelf most of the time so they can have some drama princess stumbling through mailed in lines or something. That would just be awful.

        (Ahem. It _was_ awful.)

        But even before this episode, I was on the fence on Moon Knight v WandaVision, and this one ratcheted up the quality and gave us a story that worked, whereas WandaVision just got… silly, and then went with an action finale by rote. So, yeah, I like this one better than WandaVision now.

        Loki’s second to last episode wasn’t as good as this, either, but the first four and the ending were. So we’ll see how they bring it home. But I’m happy to say I’m on board. I had a toe inside the ride before… now I’m in. šŸ˜›

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