‘Lightyear’ Is the Best Pixar Movie In Years

The Toy Story franchise is one of the greatest of all time. Spanning decades these movies have brought joy and many a tear to the eyes of children and adults. After Toy Story 4 it seemed that there was no reason for more of these movies…until Lightyear.

From the first moment I heard about this movie I knew it was going to be good and yet it still managed to surpass my expectations. The film is simple with a fast moving plot that takes you on quite the predictable adventure but the film was fun, funny, and heartwarming. When the credits started rolling I had the largest smile on my face.

Lightyear is the perfect summer flick for families to go see this month, specifically in IMAX. Pixar’s animation has gotten better and better and Lightyear is utterly stunning.

And while Tim Allen is the iconic voice of Buzz Lightyear Chris Evans did a great job bringing him to life. I’m very excited that he is now part of this lovable universe.

I’m giving Lightyear 4.5 out of 5 stars and 95 out of 100. This movie made me very happy.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

5 thoughts on “‘Lightyear’ Is the Best Pixar Movie In Years”

  1. I have missed all their movies since Toy Story 4 but I definitely enjoyed this one a lot. The trailers didn’t do it justice. They just gave you the premise and a bunch of wacky hijinks. But this is a really exciting, cliffhanging sci-fi adventure with a huge focus on the character of Buzz himself. Everything in the movie is about his development. He goes through a lot of changes, some predictable, like his warming up to his rookies, but the main one concerning his focus on his mission I really didn’t see coming. This kind of focus on character is something sci-fi space movies notoriously miss, notably the Disney Star Wars films. You really walk away from this feeling like you got to know Buzz and why he makes the decisions he does. We didn’t get that from Rey, Finn, Jyn Erso or the young Solo.

    Aside from that, the movie is a glorious travelogue through a wide array of classic and more modern sci-fi concepts, which the movie trusts that we’re intelligent enough to keep up with. I like that it doesn’t even dumb things down to the point where it’s flashing back to explain plot twists that refer back to something we saw an hour ago. It has faith in the audience to keep up. This is also a fairly unique kind of sci-fi adventure, one that combines old-fashioned cliffhanger beats with largely hard sci-fi concepts rather than fantasy, even choosing to stay away from the less plausible idea of human-like alien races to focus on technology instead. In that way it hearkens back to classic sci-fi films like Forbidden Planet more than modern examples of the genre. Most modern hard sci-fi films take themselves quite seriously and the fun ones, like Star Wars, bring in more unrealistic concepts.

    The cliffhanging action is very well-directed. There were a lot of edge-of-your-seat moments with real tension in them. The comic relief is there, but it’s more sporadic than the trailer implies, and never undermines our investment in the plot. And it functions more as genuine relief from tense moments rather than the main purpose of the movie.

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      1. Thanks. It’s a little disappointing and puzzling to see some of the reactions to and confusion about the movie out there. This may be better for an older age group than normally watches a Toy Story movie. But some people are still not grasping why this isn’t meant to be like a Toy Story movie. Best explanation I can give is that the Buzz in the Toy Story movies is like Lego Batman in The Lego Movie, while the Buzz in this movie is like Batman in his regular, live-action movies such as Dark Knight. Even though this is animated, it represents a “real” movie that is watched by “real” human actors in the fictional world occupied by Andy and the other humans who own the toys in Toy Story.

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