‘Ms. Marvel’ Is a Reminder of the Beauty of Diversity

Yesterday I watched the third episode of Ms. Marvel and among its intriguing revelations and fun moments, there was something that stood out: its beautiful representation of the Pakistani culture.

As a young African-American woman, I know very little about this lovely culture. American media has painted Muslims in an overwhelmingly one-sided way. In nearly every movie or television show, I have ever watched Muslims are either terrorists or doting sidekicks to a white protagonist. To see this show every week has left me happier and happier.

There are so many little things that showcase how alike we all are. Like a pair of Muslim teenagers trying to take a selfie in a Mosque during prayer and hashtagging it MosqueLife. These tiny details may seem like nothing but they are everything. I feel ashamed, as a person of color, to even have to recognize a moment like that as a realization of a culture’s similarity to my own. My world of media, however, has forged into my head a false depiction of a people who are actually pretty cool. Such as the depiction of hijabs as a symbol of oppression over a woman. But in Ms. Marvel, it is a beautiful piece of clothing that is empowering. Once again, it’s the small details that matter.

Following Kamala’s journey in such a beautiful setting of family, friends, and culture has been the absolute highlight of this series so far. It makes me hope that there will be more stories, not just from Marvel and Disney, to highlight Muslims and their vast culture in a positive, powerful light. Because it has been such a joy. And beyond even that, the series is good.

Each episode has become more and more interesting and I cannot wait to cheer for Kamala as she transforms into a bonafide superhero. To think that she will be starring in The Marvels next year is honestly one of the most exciting things ever. It’s undoubtedly my most-anticipated MCU installment of 2023. I also am getting a Ms. Marvel Funko Pop to add to my collection because, yes, I’m a fan. Iman Vellani, you are a star with a capital S. I’m so excited to see what happens next week.

This post was originally published on thefutureoftheforce.com.

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