‘The Rings of Power’ Is Jam-Packed With Storylines and It Is Exhausting

I can definitively say I have never watched anything with as many characters and as many storylines as The Rings of Power because yesterday’s episode was completely draining.

I’m going to just get this out of the way, the show isn’t bad. Far from it. It’s just…tedious. There are so many things happening in the latest episode that at times it’s hard to keep up, and that is saying something considering I’ve been doing my research and have been watching plenty of Youtube videos so that I would be able to understand the various storylines.

And yet despite its exhausting storyline, I’m still as invested as ever in this show. There are characters that I like more than others. The characters I’m most interested in right now through the series’ first three episodes are Nori, Elrond, Prince Durin, and his wife, Disa, Elendil, and Arondir. Their stories are not really interesting but their presence in the show is magnetic.

And that cliffhanger was so frustrating! Once again, I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

One thought on “‘The Rings of Power’ Is Jam-Packed With Storylines and It Is Exhausting”

  1. I’ve been completely unable to get into the story with the Harfoots, to be honest. I’ve written two blog posts on the series and, it dawns on me, I’ve literally not even mentioned the Harfoots in any of them. They have no part in the actual making of the Rings, so unless they turn out to be a key, weird part of the backdrop of either the later Hobbits or the ancestry of ancient Mordor, I’m not sure what they’re doing here other than to try to tie the series in to the Hobbit-centric stories of later eras.

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