‘The Rings of Power’ Fourth Episode Just Wowed Me

Okay, The Rings of Power has been on for three weeks, and here are my quick thoughts for each week.

The first two episodes: Ooh, it’s so pretty, each race feels like their race (yay), I’m loving it so far.

The third episode: Okay, there’s a little bit of slow-motion in weird parts, Elendil is my new favorite character in the show, and Isildur’s storyline is kind of weak.

The fourth episode: Okay, I get it. This show is deliberately dramatic and you know what? I am so here for it. Oh my goodness, I love this show!!!

After the fourth episode, it is very apparent, that this show will not be for everyone. Unlike The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, there is no eagerness from the writers and editors to quicken the pace. If you haven’t realized the show is going to be slow and dramatic as heck by now then this show won’t be for you because this episode leaned full-tilt into that vibe and I loved every second of it.

Every scene held my attention, every performance gained my respect, and by the time the episode concluded I was awash with an excitement I hadn’t felt for the series so far. After learning more about J.R.R Tolkien it’s uncanny how authentic this show feels to his writings for The Silmarillion and the rest of the works that cover the First and Second Age.

In those writings, there was so much gravitas (and characters) that it could be overwhelming. However, if you could handle all of that information and lore being thrown at you, the stories he created from his mind were utterly fascinating. That’s how this show feels.

It’s dense, exposition-heavy, and could understandably be considered boring, but it’s also beautiful, earnest, and powerful. I have fully embraced it and now I’m kind of obsessed with this show.

This is something I’ve always wanted and while yes, it does have some ways to go before it can be heralded alongside Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy, it is one of the most magical experiences I’ve had watching a show since the first season of The Mandalorian.

I can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s episode.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

One thought on “‘The Rings of Power’ Fourth Episode Just Wowed Me”

  1. It was so stunning and brave when Galadriel, instead of just getting a boat ride back from Valinor, decided to just jump off the boat in the middle of the ocean to swim miles upon miles back to Middle Earth.
    “What is the difference between a rock & a boat?” is truly inspiring dialogue, almost as intriguing as cribbing “Knife Ears” from Dragon Age: Origins.
    Also, bold choice to rob the elves of their ethereal grace and make them just humans with pointy ears.
    I like how the male dwarves look like dwarves and the female dwarf looks like a strong, independent woman who in no way resembles a dwarf.

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