‘Avatar’ Is Literally Mindblowing in IMAX 3D

13 years ago when Avatar entered the theaters and shocked the world with its jaw-dropping CGI-created world and characters I was 12 years old. I remember watching the film at home and being dazzled by how pretty the movie was but overall, I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t see the film again until about a decade later when it was playing on television and I decided to revisit it.

As a movie buff, I saw the movie with different eyes. I realized how impeccable the screenplay was, I absorbed the beauty of the film and its characters in a way I never had, and I was impressed by the movie. But I still wasn’t certain if people would get hyped for its sequel after such a long wait.

I’ve recently revisited the film a couple of times and with every viewing the movie seems to get a little better…and then I watched it in IMAX 3D yesterday.

To say Avatar is an absolute experience in such a format is an understatement. There are only a few movies I’ve seen in IMAX that have been utterly transportive; Interstellar, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and now Avatar.

Avatar is one of the most strikingly perfect films I’ve seen in theaters. Every shot is drenched in gorgeousness, every scene is engaging, every beat of the music is filled with purpose, and the second half of the film might just be the most emotionally-powerful section of storytelling I’ve seen in theaters.

IMAX takes a movie and makes it 10x if not 100x better and considering how good Avatar is at home just imagine that. I was sitting in that theater covered in goosebumps, wide-eyed, and trying to hold back tears on several occasions. Of course, when tragedy strikes the home of the Na’vi I always cry but seeing that scene in IMAX was a whole other level of intensity I wasn’t quite ready for.

I can’t give enough praise to this film and its brilliance. If you can get a chance to see Avatar in IMAX 3D before it’s out of theaters I implore you to. It may just give you a whole new perspective on cinema.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day.

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