‘Andor’ Knocked My Socks Off This Week


The last two episodes have been somewhat of a slow burn as it built to the halfway mark of this season. But this episode was worth every bit of development created in the last couple of episodes because it was that phenomenal.

From the first second to the last, the episode is riddled with a quiet intensity that builds and builds until, by the final seconds, I was sitting back with goosebumps and eyes wide with awe. This was an utterly exceptional fifty minutes of storytelling that never felt rushed or nonsensical.

I think what I am most blown away by with this show is how much attention to detail it provides. I mean, a character has trouble putting on a belt in this episode! That doesn’t seem like something to get excited about but considering how significant tiny details like this are in this series I couldn’t help loving how it made me feel about a certain character.

To put this series on a pedestal alongside Star Wars: Rebels, Rogue One, and The Mandalorian is something I only hoped I would be able to do and now I can with full confidence. This show is exceptionally crafted and honestly, I want Tony Gilroy to create more stories because he doesn’t just understand Star Wars. He understands how to push the boundaries of what this franchise and the wide variety of stories that could be told in this galaxy. And that might just be the greatest thing of all.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day. May the Force be with you.

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