‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ At Home

When I watched this movie four months ago I was blown away by how powerful this film was. I already liked Black Panther but its sequel feels like a masterpiece in comparison.

I’ve now watched this movie twice in two days once it dropped on Disney+ and that’s because it is beyond outstanding. From the costume design to the action sequences, from the characters to the profoundly moving story, all the way to the fact that this is, in part, a dedication to a real man who died unexpectedly: Chadwick Boseman. The fact that Ryan Coogler was able to deliver an origin story for Namor, an origin story for Shuri’s Black Panther, and still allow it to be a tale about grief in the waking of Boseman’s passing is astounding.

There are not many people who couldn’t have done what he did but Ryan Coogler truly is one of the best filmmakers around right now. He wrote a brand new script in months and that script turned out to be absolute perfection. Aneka’s storyline is one of the few bits about the movie that is rushed because most of her story was lost in the edits but that’s just a slight nitpick.

Infinity War is still my favorite MCU movie but Wakanda Forever is a very close second.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a tremendous day.

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