Here’s the Final Excerpt of My New Novel, ANNABELLE

It’s only one week until ANNABELLE is available! This is such an exciting moment, this last stretch of marketing which leads to the release of my second book, a story I’ve worked on for many years. With my last two excerpts, I wanted to provide a sense of the story and its characters. Today, I wanted to share an excerpt delving into the story’s darker, more dramatic aspects. Enjoy!

Darla remembered going to see her best friend one gloomy autumn day. She entered the sprawling estate, heading straight for the library, for that is where Annabelle spent most of her hours to be alone from Jacques and the pressures of the world. 

    Her glittering golden heels echoed ominously in the quiet halls as she passed servants going about their business. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest, fearing what she might find.

She rounded a corner and heard the sound of tiny pattering feet and the unmistakable squeal of a child’s laughter. As she passed one of the many rooms in the estate, she noticed Annabelle’s daughter, who looked barely older than two running around a playroom in circles as a housemaid chased after her.

    In just that spare moment, she brought an unexpected grin to Darla’s face as she noted the frilly pink dress covered in white flowers that she was wearing and her full head of curly hair. Her effervescent face came into view briefly, revealing that piercing green gaze that sent a chill down Darla’s spine. Darla couldn’t immediately place it, but she had seen those eyes before. 

    She continued, the girl’s cute squeals fading as she walked deeper into the mansion. She eventually found her best friend in the library, and it was like she was seeing someone she had never met before. Annabelle was sitting in her favorite armchair, staring straight ahead into space, a half-full glass of fragrantly spiced brandy in her hand. She was still beautiful, but hatred and sadness had corrupted her soul. Her glassy eyes, red from crying, had deep black rings under them, and her curly hair sat like a frizzy mane around her head. She was wearing a red velvet smock that looked like someone had torn it in several different places. 

    As Darla approached her best friend, her heart pounded in her chest.

    “Annabelle, are you okay?” she asked.

    Annabelle averted her gaze. “You shouldn’t be here. Not today.”

    “And where should I be? You’re my dearest friend. I need to know if you’re okay or not.”

    “And being my best friend, you should know exactly how I am right now.”

    Darla clenched her jaw.

    “Talk to me, Annabelle. Please tell me how you feel.”

    Vicstoria’s eyes squeezed shut, a single tear falling from her left eye and down her face to her neck. 

    “I don’t want to talk about it, Darla,” Vicstoria had responded quietly, her voice cracking.

“Please, Anna, darling. You’ve never kept anything from me.”

     And that was all it took for Vicstoria to snap.

And that’s a wrap on my final excerpt from ANNABELLE. In one week’s time, you’ll be able to read this short novel for yourself, and I couldn’t be more excited about that. Every book written is a journey of love, excitement, and, most importantly, frustration.

If I remember correctly, I think I conceptualized this book roughly seven years ago and have been working on it, tweaking its storyline, characters, and plot details over and over again, but now it’s finally here. It’s the type of glorious occasion that can only bring a smile to one’s face.

I thank you, as always, for reading, and I hope you have a splendid day.

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