‘ANNABELLE’: Meet the Characters

It’s four days until my YA fantasy short novel releases, and I’m very excited! I’ve been sharing excerpts, I recently showed you all the cover, and now I will feature the eight characters who bring this story to life. Here they are.

Frederick Poull: A renowned historian whose adoration of Annabelle Vicstoria drives him to learn more about her story.

Histor Daggerton: A Royal Theater agent whose legacy was cemented when he became the man who discovered Annabelle Vicstoria.

Harriet Muldoon: Annabelle’s doting mother.

Darla Chiteur: After being hired by the Royal Theater Agency (RTA) as a dancer, she befriended Annabelle Vicstoria and became her closest confidant.

Charles Goodman: A humble cook and Annabelle’s father figure growing up, Charles’ life would be forever changed by knowing Annabelle.

Margaret Tiffleton: Being Annabelle’s seamstress came with a gift Ms. Tiffleton never expected, Ms. Vicstoria’s loving friendship.

Doctor Armissan: A man who didn’t often believe in folktales, but that changed after he met Annabelle.

Detective Glass: An eclectic character, Glass has always had a knack for solving mysteries until one mystery chills him to the core.

Duke Arran Leewood: He never knew he’d fall in love with Annabelle Vicstoria, but once he did, it would ultimately change the trajectory of his life.

So, there are my primary characters. I can’t wait for you to meet them in greater depth. The next time I come to you with book news will be Saturday, March 25th. And yes, I’m pumped!

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

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