My Thoughts on ‘The Mandalorian’ So Far

Okay, we’re halfway through the third season, and this is my first review so far. Why? Well, if I’m being honest, which I always am, this season just hasn’t impressed me that much so far.

We haven’t had a season of The Mandalorian since 2020, and for such a long wait, it’s far more lackluster than I expected. The first episode had me smiling, but ultimately when I returned from the episode, I was baffled by the breakneck pacing of the episode’s several plots. The second episode was much more enjoyable, but I still found it to often be repetitive and sometimes poorly written. Such as Bo-Katan reminiscing about Mandalore at times when it was clear that Mando was in trouble. I found myself literally urging her from my room to move faster to save Din Djarin.

The third episode began brilliantly, only to dive headfirst into a dull, too-long side plot with Dr. Pershing and Elia Kane, two characters whose names I didn’t know until that episode; that’s how seemingly insignificant they were in past episodes. And then there’s today’s episode. *sigh*

Sure, it was fun to watch, but there were a lot of moments where I noticed poor writing. The best part, undoubtedly, was delving deeper into Grogu’s past with the cool flashback and that exciting cameo, but ultimately the rest of the episode, besides looking cool, fell kind of flat.

And so, here I am, once again, finding myself wondering if Jon Favreau’s story is beginning to lose some of that initial charm that the other two seasons had. We’re already halfway through the season, and it honestly doesn’t feel like much has happened.

Sure, Din got redeemed by the living waters, and sure, Bo-Katan is playing a more significant role in this story, and I guess there’s a cloning side plot that will get explored, but none of this is that exciting for me. And on top of everything, as of right now, for the last three episodes, it feels like Mando has been sidelined in his own series, which is bothering me even more.

This series became famous because of Pedro Pascal’s charismatic, faceless Mandalorian and his companion, Grogu, who, if I’m being honest, was somewhat cuter in past seasons. The fact that the narrative seems to be turning away from him and focusing more on Bo-Katan isn’t sitting that well with me. Hopefully, next week’s episode will focus more on Din Djarin.

Overall, I want to love this season of The Mandalorian, but like Obi-Wan, Kenobi turned out to be a bit more underwhelming than people expected; I’m experiencing that same level of disappointment. I was expecting, after all these years, an epic ride, and so far, all I have are questions.

What about you? How do you feel about The Mandalorian‘s third season so far? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading, and I hope you have a tremendous day.

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