Where Does ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ Rank Amongst the Disney Live-Action Remakes?

Peter Pan and Wendy has recently made its debut on Disney+, and yes, I loved it! I’m not sure how it compares to Disney’s 1953 Peter Pan because I’ve never seen it, but I can say that it was as magical as I’d hoped. And yes, Jude Law’s Captain Hook was perfect. So, I figured I’d share where I’d rank it among Disney’s live-action films. Enjoy!

11. Pinocchio

This movie excited me in the first half, but its final thirty minutes were so unbelievably dreadful that I knew instantly this was the worst of the Disney remakes.

10. Mulan

I was so excited about this movie, but ultimately, Mulan lacks the magic of its animated predecessor in droves. Plus, Yifei Liu didn’t make a believable man, which made her inclusion in the all-male battalion unbelievable.

9. Dumbo

This was another one of those Disney remakes where I hadn’t actually watched the animated version. That being said, I found this film to actually be pretty good.

8. The Lion King

The safest of the films, The Lion King is boring because it is literally a remake, just live-action. And the lack of emotion in these live-action versions of these characters was another thing going against this movie.

7. The Jungle Book

One of the more popular live-action remakes, The Jungle Book has its apparent charm. In fact, this film is actually kind of perfect. I just happen to not be a fan of the story.

6. Cinderella

Is it strange that I love this movie so much because of Cate Blanchett? Between her striking outfits and her deliciously evil performance in this film, I find this movie quite satisfying.

5. Lady and the Tramp

This movie was so cute, I couldn’t stop smiling.

4. Beauty and the Beast

This movie is nearly perfect, except for one thing, and it’s kind of major. I like Emma Watson for the joy she has brought me throughout my childhood, teenage years, and now as an adult for her role in the Harry Potter series. She, however, was not a great Belle. I’m sorry, but when I think of Belle, a.k.a Beauty, Emma Watson doesn’t strike me as the actress to play this role.

3. Aladdin

This movie is really fun. There are some great new details added to the story that makes the film a delight, Will Smith is the perfect Genie, and overall, this is just a great time.

2. Peter Pan and Wendy

This movie could’ve been like Pinocchio: terrible. Instead, it’s magical, surprisingly emotional and dark, and an overall wonderful film. I found myself so utterly moved by this movie and its final few minutes that it really made me cry quite a bit. The only gripe I have against this film is that it is very dark, literally, in sections, making it hard to really appreciate some of the scenes.

And 1. Cruella

    This movie could’ve been a disaster. Instead, it’s bloody fantastic. Emma Watson eats up the delectably evil role of Cruella, transforming her from a struggling fashion designer to a well-dressed villainess if ever I’ve seen one. I love this film.

    Well, there’s my ranking. I hope that The Little Mermaid makes it into the Top 5 of this list because that will be exciting indeed.

    I thank you for reading and I hope you have a fantastic day.

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