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Here Are A Bunch of New ‘Star Wars’ Books To Look Forward To

I’ve only recently gotten into Star Wars books in the last year and it’s been like finding a jackpot of fictional material. In fact, Star Wars books have become my new favorite thing to read in the fictional side of things. So, imagine how I excited I became when I found out that a ton of new Star Wars books that would be arriving within the next year was announced at SDCC? I am ecstatic! So, to share with you all my excitement, here are some of the books that really caught my eye. Enjoy!

Star Wars: Thrawn Alliances

I haven’t gotten around to the Thrawn series yet but this book intrigues me simply because it has an awesome cover. I definitely have to catch up with his story before this book comes out.

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Ranking the ‘Star Wars’ Books That I’ve Read; from Worst to Best

Throughout my years as a Star Wars fan I had only watched the movies and had never delved into the fictional book realm of the franchise…until recently. In the past year I have read several incredible Star Wars novels, all of which belong to the new canon created after Disney bought the franchise, and while some were slightly boring others were downright fantastic and helped expand my mind to the overall story of these films. So, I’m here to tell you which books I thought were just okay and which novels excelled my wildest expectations. Enjoy!

The Force Awakens


While I absolutely love The Force Awakens the novel is surprisingly disappointing. The story is kind of boring and there isn’t anything exactly different from the novel that wasn’t in the movie. Of course it’s Star Wars and it’s always fun to read anything that’s involved with Star Wars but this definitely isn’t a book to own.

Ranking: B-



The Aftermath Trilogy is a compelling series of books that tell the story of, well, the aftermath following the Battle of Endor. We get new characters to follow, some original faces here and there (one of them being Wedge which was really awesome) and some fantastic storylines. But as cool as the story sounds the trilogy’s first installment is a bit of a bore compared to its next two installments and that’s why I have it ranked next to last on this list. It is, however, a good book to read.           

Ranking: B

A New Dawn


This book follows the story of two Star Wars: Rebels characters, Kanan Jarrus, a rascally type who was once a padawan before Order 66, and Hera Syndulla, a secret rebellion operative trying to stop the Empire’s reign. They cross paths on a planet overrun by the Empire and together they try to free the planet from the tyrannical organization’s reign. This is a fantastic novel full of enticing action, great character interplay, and a perfect introduction to these prominent characters in the Star Wars universe. If you’re a fan of Star Wars: Rebels this book is a must-have.

Ranking: B

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My Review of ‘The Last Jedi’ Novel

So, this past Saturday I wrote a post celebrating my obtaining of The Last Jedi novel and after finishing it over the course of two days I’m here to give you an exciting review of this newest Star Wars book. Enjoy!

The Resistance

One of the least liked aspects of the movie were the Resistance scenes. People disliked Poe and Holdo’s dynamic, people disliked the slow motion chase between the First Order and the Resistance, and overall it wasn’t received very well. Now I, after the second viewing of The Last Jedi, thoroughly enjoyed the Resistance side of the story but the book really makes those portions of the movie shine.

The novel goes into great detail about the hopelessness of the Resistance’s situation and Poe’s agitation with the dire scenario. To him, Holdo was leading the Resistance to utter doom and he couldn’t handle seeing the members of the Resistance succumb to despair as they watched their lives slowly coming to an inevitable demise. These portions of the book actually happened to become my favorite scenes simply because they shed such a fascinating light on a part of the movie I didn’t like as much as other scenes of the movie.

I also LOVED Admiral Holdo in the book. She was already a leader who didn’t falter under pressure and didn’t allow “flyboy” Poe Dameron to mess with her mind but the novel really highlighted how stern and sometimes, unkind, she was at certain points towards the demoted Commander and I was like, “YES!” There’s nothing cooler than a woman who doesn’t take stuff from no one, especially an insubordinate like Poe, and it made me love her character. And that hyperspace maneuver! That was undoubtedly, even on paper, one of the coolest things that I have ever read.

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My Excitement for ‘Star Wars’ Newest Obsession: ‘Last Shot’

A couple of days ago I wrote a review about the latest Star Wars book I’ve read, The Legends of Luke Skywalker, and how much I absolutely loved it. In four days the novelization for The Last Jedi will be coming out and I am SUPER excited to read it but now there’s another incredible novel to look forward and it’s connected to Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s called Last Shot: A Han and Lando Novel and it sounds amazing.

On there’s an incredible excerpt from the film featuring Han Solo and *sniffle* his baby son, Ben Solo, as they both struggle for sleep. It’s a ridiculously adorable moment the two share that helps reveal the bond they once had before everything went south. Here’s a little bit of it.

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My Review of ‘The Legends of Luke Skywalker’

I’ve just recently gotten into the fascinating world of Star Wars novels and my latest addition to my Star Wars book collection is, The Legends of Luke Skywalker. This book is amazing!

It’s so exciting getting Star Wars books that are prequels to an upcoming Star Wars movie.

First of all, it was part of the three month buildup to The Last Jedi and it truly does feel like a prequel to the movie. This story covers unknown characters who are on a transport heading to the dazzling city, Canto Bight, learning about the very interesting adventures one of The Last Jedi’s major characters, Luke Skywalker partook.

When you read some of the experiences he’s participated in after Return of the Jedi it’s kind of incredible. Luke was already an amazing character and hero but his journeys after the Battle of Endor kind of delve deeper into what it means to be a Jedi. Especially for him.

He didn’t have the privilege of having a Jedi council to help him through his growth as a Jedi master, he ultimately had to rely on himself, his instincts, and the powerful guide of the Force. It’s really fascinating stuff.

Yes, this book has pictures. 🙂

Another thing that made this novel so enjoyable were all of the beautifully painted pictures in this book. It’s not often when you get to read a YA/Adult fiction novel, leastwise a Star Wars book, that has pictures in it so that was an extra treat that I wasn’t expecting.

And this book’s author, Ken Liu, is an incredible writer as well. He brought such imagination and knowledge of the Force to this story that it really was a treat to read. I think I read this book in three days because I loved it so much and it has undoubtedly become my favorite Star Wars novel so far.

If you haven’t read this book I highly recommend that you do. Luke is already an amazing character and to read a book that covers just a small part of his accomplishments and adventures truly gives a different perspective of the old master Rey found on the beautiful planet, Ach-To. There’s also one portion of the book that will give you a completely different view of one of the greatest scenes of Return of the Jedi but I’ll leave it to you to discover it. It’s a really funny part of the novel.

What would I give this book? I’m going to say it’s 5 stars. This book is fantastic and I’m so happy I have it.

The next Star Wars book I’m excited to read is the novelization of The Last Jedi. It’s going to reveal a lot of content that wasn’t in the movie and I. Am. EXCITED!!!! It’s going to be so much fun to read.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a beautiful day. May the Force Be With You.

My Review of Heir of Fire

Spoiler Alert!

For the past two days I have been writing reviews on the Throne of Glass novels. Yesterday I wrote about how much I enjoyed the perfect second entry in the series named Crown of Midnight. Now I will write about the third book in this epic series. There will be a few spoilers from Crown of Midnight so if you don’t want to know the gist of what happens please do not read any further.

Why the Heir of Fire Is So Great

Sarah J. Maas does it again. She has made another book that makes the series even better and I will explain why. In this third book Celaena has left Rifthold due to terrible events that have taken place. She sails to the country, Wendlyn across the sea. I will not tell you exactly why she’s going to Wendlyn but it’s very exciting. When she reaches the country she faces ancient creatures, befriends a stern warrior named Rowan, and confronts old demons she’s been running from for most of her life. Chaol and Prince Dorian are also going through things of their own back in Rifthold. Their story is just as important as Celaena’s compared to the other two books in the series. This entry into the series feels much longer than the other two even though it’s just about a hundred pages longer than Crown of Midnight. I will say there aren’t as many exciting twists and turns in Heir of Fire as in Crown of Midnight but the story is so good it doesn’t matter. What happens at the end of this book is so terrible and devastating it literally made me cry.

I give Throne of Fire a six out of five stars. Yes I gave it a six. That’s the level that this book is on. It’s better than average, it’s better than good, it’s stupendous. Before you read this book you have to read the first two books in the Throne of Glass novels to really understand what’s going on. If you do read this incredible novels you will not be disappointed. I haven’t read the fourth installment in these epic series but when I do will have another review for you to enjoy.