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What’s Your Favorite Padme Look: Part 2?

Yesterday I shared a list of all of Padme’s looks from The Phantom Menace. Today, we look at her prettiest wardrobe yet from Attack of the Clones. Enjoy!

Undercover Senator


Padme knew she was hated by the Trade Federation and that they would one day try to enact their revenge. It’s why, even as a senator, she had to travel with such caution. So, at the beginning of Attack of the Clones, we see Padme dressed as a pilot to remain undercover and yet even in a piloting outfit she manages to look stylish.

I mean, look at that belt! Stylish. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Padme Look: Part 2?

What’s Your Favorite Padme Look: Part 1?

There are a lot of beautiful and imaginatively inventive outfits that are made for characters in cinema but it’s kind of obvious that Padme has the greatest wardrobe of all of the characters. From The Phantom Menace to Revenge of the Sith, Padme’s style is outstanding with a capital O and so very extensive that her segment will take three days to study. So on that note let’s look at her outfits in The Phantom Menace.

Classic Red Dress


So perfect, so illustrious, so powerful, Queen Amidala demands your attention in this fascinating getup. This was the look she wore for the first time we saw her in The Phantom Menace and it was very apparent that this woman, this young queen, was a boss. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Padme Look: Part 1?

What’s Your Favorite Luke Skywalker Look?

Luke Skywalker, like Princess Leia and Han Solo, has had his own style throughout the Star Wars franchise. In fact, his style in A New Hope helped act as a base for Rey’s scavenger outfit in The Force Awakens. There are a lot of things to love about Luke’s design and that’s why he’s the topic for today’s segment. Enjoy!

Tatooine Farm Boy


When we first met Luke Skywalker in A New Hope he looked like a science-fiction rendition of Arthur from the Disney version of The Sword in the Stone. With clothes fit for the sweltering temperatures of Tatooine and colors to match the sandy landscape of the planet Luke’s style in this film would become instantly iconic along with his fellow Star Wars heroes. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Luke Skywalker Look?

What’s Your Favorite Kylo Ren Look?

Star Wars villains always have some of the coolest designs. From Darth Maul and Asajj Ventress, to the brand new Second Sister Inquisitor and the Seventh Sister Inquisitor, and Darth Vader and the Death Troopers. Villains in this franchise are incredibly likable because they look so darn awesome and Kylo Ren is no exception.

Kylo Ren’s style based off of Darth Vader’s design with a few personal changes makes him one of the most stylish warriors in Star Wars. And that’s why, for today’s segment of What’s Your Favorite, he’s the topic of the hour. Enjoy!

The Darth Vader Ripoff Look


When Kylo Ren appeared in The Force Awakens it was very clear that the young Solo was trying to become the new Darth Vader. With the intimidating voice-warping mask the similarities between the two characters were blatant but that was where the similarities stopped.

Kylo Ren has his own style, which is very apparent in this picture. The short one-shouldered hooded cape, the thick belt, the long robe over the long-sleeved shirt and pants; Kylo’s style is elaborate (I guess those are Padme’s genes running through him) but in a muted way. You have to look really closely to appreciate all of the fine detail. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Kylo Ren Look?

What’s Your Favorite Finn Look?

Finn has had one of the most muted styles in the Star Wars franchise but what makes Finn’s style so fascinating is his clothes are literally evolving with his story. It’s actually rather cool. So, I couldn’t wait to talk a little more about his outfits for today’s segment in this series. Enjoy!

The Stormtrooper/Rebel

Rey's Quarterstaff

In The Force Awakens, Finn’s story is very simple. He was a stormtrooper who obtained a conscience, wanted to run to the farthest corner in the galaxy to get away from the First Order, but found himself caught in the fight between the Resistance and the First Order; and all of this is apparent in his clothing.

He’s shed the classic white armor the stormtroopers wear, hiding as a stormtrooper in plain sight with his black undergarments and stormtrooper boots. But he wears Poe’s jacket, a sign of the rebellious streak in him and his unwavering allegiance to his friends. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Finn Look?

What’s Your Favorite Lando Look?

Lando Calrissian debuted in The Empire Strikes Back and became an immediate fan favorite as he dazzled audiences with his impeccable style, lovable personality, and his redeeming heroic streak. Now Lando is returning for one last run in the Star Wars franchise and it’s very clear that the Star Wars fandom is thrilled.

For today’s segment of this series, I thought it would be great to rifle through Lando’s closet of designs throughout the franchise. Enjoy!

Lando’s Yellow Outfit

Lando’s style in Solo: A Star Wars Story was designed to stand out in a crowd. The yellow shirt is bold and in your face, drawing your attention to him but he makes the otherwise simple outfit stylish with the scarf that ties the outfit together. Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Lando Look?