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If Only She Could Tell the Truth: Part 14

Qi’ra knew they were approaching Kessel. Everyone was in the cockpit chatting about the mission or random topics. And yet Qi’ra sat alone, in the lobby, staring at the pair of golden dice in her gloved hand.

She still remembered when Han gave her the dice. How he gave her a reassuring smile as they stood in line waiting anxiously for their chance of freedom.

“For luck?” she had said.

He smiled. “Damn right,” he had replied.

Now, three years later, and she could only smile sadly at the memory. As long as she had these dice in her possession she would never be rid of her past. Never rid of the man she had once loved more than anything else in the world; Han.

So, she had to get rid of them, or else she would always carry the burden of his presence upon her. She closed her fist around them as a single tear fell to the floor.

To embrace the future she would have to let go of the past. She raised her head. Finally.

Wake Forest Easily Defeats Boston College

Once again there has been another blowout in the ACC Tournament. Wake Forest ended up winning by 14 points with the final score being 92-78. Yes, it was that kind of blowout. Tomorrow they will be going against Florida State and that should be a lot better than this game was. Do I think they have a chance to get to the quarterfinals? Yes, I do. The way they played today was very decent. They weren’t sloppy and the team played cohesively. That’s always important if a team wants to advance in this tournament.

Next up Pitt will be facing off against Georgia Tech. I hope this game will be a little more exciting than the last game.

Wake Forest vs. Boston College: The Halftime Report

This is a very entertaining game so far. Wake Forest is trying to get to the second round but Boston College is not shirking away. They are on a fourteen game losing streak but like I said in my earlier post teams in the ACC, whether they’re bad or good, are always tough to beat in this unpredictable conference. If Wake Forest manages to get through this challenging round there is a sliver of hope for them getting to the third round.

They are beating Boston College by six points with a score of 44 points. Let’s hope they can hold onto their slim lead. Make sure you return after the game is over to see my summary of the game’s greatest moments.

Clemson Has Made It Through The First Round

This was an underwhelming game. NC State was completely outmatched in every aspect. It’s a shame they weren’t able to make it any further but I must congratulate Clemson for their win today. Tomorrow they’ll be going against #14 Duke and according to how they played today they probably won’t be able to beat the Blue Devils.

Next up Wake Forest plays Boston College. I’ll see you at the half.

NC State vs. Clemson: The Halftime Report

Clemson is winning by double digits with a score of 39 points. NC State unfortunately can’t find their groove and only managed to accumulate a score of 28 points. The last minute of the half was very fun to watch with NC State trying to close the gap. Clemson managed to only extend their lead with an astounding block and a quick three that really drove it home how determined they are to win this game. Will NC State be able to bounce back? Probably not. This is basketball though and anything can happen in this amazing sport.

I’ll be posting again when either Clemson or NC State wins. Enjoy the rest of the game!