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My Ranking of all the Superhero Movies I’ve Ever Watched

Superhero movies. They have become the staple of our lives when it comes to blockbusters. Whether it’s DC Comics or Marvel there is always a superhero movie to look forward to throughout the year. So, of all the superhero movies I have ever seen, how would I rank them? Well, that’s what I’m here to share with you all and I hope you enjoy. 🙂

37. The Incredible Hulk

I love Marvel. They have made my days as a movie fan some of the best days ever. However, The Incredible Hulk is just awful. Ed Norton is a terrible Bruce Banner. Liv Tyler is basically Arwen throughout the whole movie. The CGI is horrible. The storyline is boring. All in all, I’m not a fan.

36. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Laurence Fishburne, Jessica Alba, Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans, Ioan Gruffudd, and Doug Jones in 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

As a child, I used to love the Fantastic Four. The Thing, Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, and the Human Torch (who knew, as a child, that the actor playing the Human Torch (Chris Evans) would end up being Captain America) were all characters that fascinated me because of their unique abilities. Fantastic Four was pretty good but its sequel was rather dismal indeed.

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My Ten Favorite Female Villains

There have been many women in films but rarely do you see a compelling female villain. I have seen countless male antagonists who have stolen the show with their creepiness or their sheer awesomeness but being able to enjoy a female villain in a movie is so very hard to find. But today I’m going to list the female baddies whose wicked ways are shone in the most delightful (or horrifying) fashion and have grown to be some of my favorite characters. Enjoy!

10. Red Queen


Alice in Wonderland wasn’t the best Disney movie ever made but one thing I distinctly remembered about the film for years after seeing it in the movie theater eight years ago was the Red Queen. Her putrid behavior and her striking look were unforgettable, standing out amidst a mostly lackluster film that I pretty much erased from memory until I saw it for the second time a few months ago.

Helena Bonham Carter’s performance as the Red Queen wasn’t Oscar worthy but I’ll never forget her incessant screaming for her beloved Jabberwocky anytime soon.

9. Proxima Midnight


Proxima Midnight is awesome, pure and simple. She’s the only female member of Thanos’s Black Order in Avengers: Infinity War but that doesn’t mean she’s not as tough as her male counterparts. Her incredible fighting ability made her a threat to be reckoned with and even though she came to a dismal end her shining moments were very bright indeed.

8. Bellatrix Lestrange

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

You know when a villain is impactful if you despise their guts. That’s how I feel about Bellatrix Lestrange. There’s nothing about her that I like…and that’s great. Helena Bonham Carter played the role of the crazed witch so well that whenever I see her in other roles all I can remember her for is this character.

What makes it even worse is that she is the one who killed Sirius Black, which is awful considering that he’s one of my favorite Harry Potter characters. Bellatrix Lestrange is the worst.

(Ha! That’s two Helena Bonham Carter roles on this list.)

7. Hela


Beautiful, deadly, powerful, these are the traits of the goddess, Hela. Hela was the first major female villain in the MCU and what I loved the most about her was her incredible strength in Thor: Ragnarok. She singlehandedly destroyed Thor’s hammer, a feat Thor deemed impossible. She decimated the entire Asgardian army in minutes. She was pretty much invincible. To see such a powerful woman was not only exhilarating but to also have Cate Blanchett (who just may be my favorite actress of all time) in the role was even better.

6. Harley Quinn


I didn’t know I was going to like Harley Quinn. I had seen her in the commercials for Suicide Squad and she definitely didn’t look like the type of lass I would become a fan of but I have to admit, I love Harley Quinn. Her carefree yet dangerous attitude is entertaining. I love her sexy yet demented getup. And I love her toughness. Like I said before, I didn’t think I’d become a Harley Quinn fan but after watching Suicide Squad I am one now.

5. The Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves


I only watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarves once as a little girl but the Queen’s villainous ways left an impact on me. Maybe it was her iconic consultations with her magic mirror. Or maybe it was her tale of pure hatred for her stepdaughter Snow White that made her unforgettable. Whatever the case, she’s one of my favorite female villains of all time.

4. Captain Phasma


I remember seeing Captain Phasma for the first time in some early concept art for The Force Awakens and at the time I had no idea the character was going to be played by a woman. When it was announced that this ridiculously cool chrome-armored trooper was indeed a female character I was through the roof with excitement. And with the immense hype surrounding her character through the marketing for the movie my excitement for this character grew even more. Unfortunately, in The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, she was never given the opportunity to shine as much as she could’ve and she, for the most part, became a wasted character.

Even though her legacy will never be as incredible as it could’ve been she will always remain one of my favorite villains of all time because she’s just too cool to deny the 100% Awesome trophy.

3. Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress

Asajj Ventress, like Kylo Ren, has had a complex journey. Growing up she was trained in the ways of the Force by a Jedi Knight. When he was killed she turned to Count Dooku who promised her great power so that she could get revenge on those who killed her former master and anyone else who dared cross her. But then Count Dooku betrayed her and she set out on a path of redemption that was incredibly fun to watch.

Female characters aren’t usually written with this type of complexity but Asajj Ventress was one of those rare occurrences. With more dynamic female characters like her, the future of Star Wars could be grand indeed.

2. The Wicked Witch


The Wicked Witch just may be the most iconic female villain of all time with her green skin, the black dress, the wide-brimmed black hat, and the broomstick. The Wicked Witch of the West with her iconic cackle is a villain worth fearing and is honestly one of my favorite villains of all time, of any gender.

I’m determined to one day dress up as The Wicked Witch of the West for Halloween. It’ll be a blast cackling like a witch and acting quite devious for an entire day. Hee-hee.

1. Annie Wilkes


The Wicked Witch of the West may be one of the most iconic villains ever to be conceived in cinema for all of the above reasons but Kathy Bates can easily be heralded as one of the most iconic actresses of all time for her role as Annie Wilkes in Misery. She won an Oscar that year for her portrayal of the psychotic fan of James Caan’s Paul Sheldon.

In what would seem a miraculous rescue Annie Wilkes saved Paul Sheldon from a horrific crash but it wasn’t long before Sheldon realized his savior was absolutely nuts. She constantly fawned over his novels and was utterly riveted by his latest draft. But when he killed off the main character she lost it. Oh my goodness, this movie is haunting from beginning to end and Annie Wilkes stands at the center of this unforgettable film.

So, these are my ten favorite female villains. I couldn’t believe how hard it was for me to rummage through the deep recesses of my mind to find ten female antagonists worth listing, for so many films are dominated by male baddies that its kind of ridiculous. Of course, there are a lot of movies that I have never watched that I’m sure to have some rather interesting female antagonists but until I see those films this list will stay like this for a long time.

Who’re some of your favorite female villains? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

I thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day.

Who’s Your Favorite Justice League Character?

Another fun week has passed and for those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, it has been quite the holiday week as well. And now it’s time for another fun segment of Who’s Your Favorite? For the last two weeks I have been asking you who your favorite Marvel hero or villain was but this week I’m changing superhero franchises and heading to DC Comics. And as you can see from this post’s title, it’s all about the Justice League. So, with no further delay, let me present to you the Justice League.



After surviving being struck by lightning Barry Allen obtained superhuman abilities that made him the fastest human being on Earth. This power would become a key aspect in serving the Justice League, as his electric abilities helped bring Superman back to life and that would ultimately be the one thing that would defeat Steppenwolf.

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Throwback Friday: My Ten Favorite Movie Heroines

Another week has passed and today’s topic for Throwback Friday is a fun one for me, for it’s focused on an old post I wrote about my ten favorite movie heroines. And with more incredible heroines like Captain Marvel appearing in the near future, there isn’t a shortage of awesome female movie characters in the future. So, on that note, I hope you enjoy this week’s Throwback Friday! 🙂

I love movies. I love seeing stories play out onscreen, I love watching actors portray different characters that I will either love or despise, I love action films, but most importantly, I love a movie with an off-the-chain heroine. There are hundreds of great films with male heroes but when a woman can come into the fold and kick butt that’s when a movie, for me, becomes really awesome and lately that’s become a regular occurrence.

Last year Wonder Woman finally got her own blockbuster film after being around for decades and there have been a bunch of critically acclaimed indie films and television shows led by women in the past year. Three of the last four Star Wars films have been led by women (and each film has made over a billion dollars), an idea that at one time would seem preposterous to the Hollywood elite. And last year’s highest grossing films were all female-led, Beauty and the Beast, Wonder Woman, and The Last Jedi.

So, because women are clearly awesome, I’m going to share with you the ten movie heroines that I have come to love the most, at least, so far.

10. Dorothy

The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies of all time. I remember seeing this film as a child and it was one of the most magical films I have ever seen still to this day. To think that this movie was made in 1939! is beyond incredible and in the center of this epic tale is Dorothy.

Dorothy is a special character. She has those ruby slippers, she sings like an angel, she has the cutest dog ever, Toto, and she’s so sweet.  She faces flying monkeys, an evil witch, and many other obstacles but at the end of it all she survives the adventure and helps save the Land of Oz while never refraining from being herself. If you really think about it, Dorothy is very brave. To face all of that strange stuff; a talking scarecrow, a talking lion, a tin man, munchkins, witches, etc. without utterly freaking out is very impressive.

Without Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz would not be the same magical movie that it has been for almost a century and that’s why she is one of my favorite heroines.

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Throwback Friday: My Review of ‘Justice League’

Last November was a fun month for superhero movie lovers when Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League came out. While I own Thor: Ragnarok now and love watching every moment of it I never felt the urge to buy Justice League. In fact, I haven’t watched it since I saw it in the movie theaters. But after revisiting my review of the film I kind of want to watch it now. So, because I loved re-reading this review so much I decided to make it the topic of this week’s Throwback Friday. I hope you enjoy!

I heard the critics and all of their opinions on Justice League. They said it wasn’t a movie worth watching, that it was a huge step backward from Wonder Woman, and I believed them, that’s why it took me until yesterday to see it. And now that I’ve seen it I’m so glad I did. I have to admit, I enjoyed Justice League immensely. I watched the entire film, credits and all, thinking at any point that the movie was going to turn south and I was going to regret ever coming to see this superhero flick but it never happened! The story was simple yet cohesive, the characters were great, and yes there were flaws but overall I had a great time watching this movie. So, on that note, I’m going to tell you all of the things I did and didn’t like about this film. Enjoy!

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen Justice League yet and you would rather stay in the dark about the movie’s premise and outcomes I would advise you to discontinue reading this now. Okay, I thank you for acknowledging this warning. Now to the review.

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‘Teen Titans Go! to the Movies’ Expectedly Brings The Laughs

Even though I’m an adult there are still certain cartoons that I love to watch and one of those cartoons is Teen Titans Go! This cartoon focused on the DC Comic teen heroes consisting of Batman’s infamous sidekick, Robin, the boy with a beastly ability, Beast Boy, the half-robot, half-human hero with a favorite catchphrase (“Booyah!”) Cyborg, the alien princess with powers from another world, Starfire, and the half-demon girl who uses her dark powers for good, Raven. These five get into all sort of laughable mischief and aren’t afraid to make a song or two along the way.

They have become so popular on Cartoon Network in fact that this summer they received their own movie which came out in actual movie theaters worldwide. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find time to go and watch it when it was in the movie theaters but with it arriving on Digital I was determined. And, I’m glad to say, it was just as fun and hilarious as I expected it to be.

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‘The Dark Knight’ Is Hands Down the Best Superhero Movie Ever Made

Have you ever seen a perfect movie? A movie so undeniably brilliant and spot on that the more you watch it the better it gets? A movie that’s so good that you kind of can’t believe it’s that incredible? The Dark Knight is that movie for me.

I don’t watch The Dark Knight often. But every so often I get the unshakable desire to see it. And so last night with that fervor upon me I decided to watch it.

For two hours and 32 minutes, I was sucked into the dark and demented world of Gotham where a man as horrifically twisted and brilliant as The Joker resides to wreak havoc on Gotham’s citizens for no reason other than pure amusement. And as the story slowly builds upon The Joker’s madness the movie gets better and better and better until one can only stare at the screen in appreciative awe.


The Dark Knight is unlike any other superhero movie that’s been created. In fact, can we even say it’s a superhero movie? Batman isn’t exactly a hero, as the movie made clear. He’s just a man in a cynical world and sometimes the right choices mean you have to become the villain. Simple as that. But I guess that’s the reason why he’s a hero, right?

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