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My Top 20 Posters of the Last Decade: Part Three

We’ve reached the Top 10 posters on my list! Yay. So, with no further delay, here are five more posters. Enjoy!

10. The Dark Knight and Selina Kyle

This poster is utter perfection. The color choice for the poster is already perfect but to impeccably incorporate Batman and Catwoman in this poster without ever seeing their faces is still one of the most mind-bogglingly awesome decisions I’ve ever seen for a poster. So stunning.

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Are Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz’s Batman and Catwoman the Best?

There are only a few comic book characters that are often recast over and over and over again; Spider-Man, Superman, Batman, The Joker, and Catwoman. These characters have transcended generations for their appeal with new actors adding a little something extra to the table. The Batman is the latest in a long line of comic book movie reboots focusing on the Dark Knight and the feline femme fatale, Selina Kyle.

And of course, that leads to debate; is Robert Pattinson’s Batman and Zoe Kravitz’s the best iterations of the characters yet? The short answer is yes and no. Here’s the long answer to why.

Robert Pattinson is undoubtedly a GREAT Batman, in fact, his take on the caped vigilante is my favorite of all the live-action Batman portrayals. He’s the first Batman who actually feels like a detective, his intimidatingly mysterious presence felt so perfect for the character, and the way Pattinson carried himself in the role was utterly magnetic.

However, he needs a bit more development on the Bruce Wayne side of things for him to really cement his place as my favorite iteration of Batman definitively. I understand that this version of Wayne is darker like a goth teenager but until we start seeing Bruce embrace his family legacy and become a bit of a polished businessman I still can’t say he’s the best.

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My In-Depth Review of ‘The Batman’

Okay, I’ve had some time to ruminate on my thoughts about this standout Batman flick that has truly become one of the best comic book movies to date. My review yesterday was an initial reaction type of post but today I’m here to share with you my thoughts on the pros and cons of the actual storyline.

So, of course, that means there will be MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD so if you haven’t seen the movie I highly recommend you stop reading now. Okay, thanks for heeding my warning. Now let’s talk about this movie.

(This is a longread.)

Before watching the film I had heard all of this talk that the film’s first twenty minutes were some of the best in CBM (comic book movie) history. They weren’t wrong.

The very disturbing opening scene is straight out of Halloween. Introducing us to The Riddler in this fashion was a great way to let you know what type of this movie is going to be. And yes, the villain was about to be the scariest antagonist in a Batman movie since The Dark Knight.

I’m glad I saw this movie at my current age (23-years-old) and not when I was younger because this film would’ve definitely traumatized me in some areas.

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I’ve Seen ‘The Batman’!

If you’ve heard the hype surrounding The Batman for the past week since the first reviews were released on Monday then don’t worry, the film actually lives up to the hype.

Matt Reeves somehow manages to deliver a Batman movie that is almost on par with The Dark Knight which is the greatest compliment I could provide at the time. If we’re comparing Batman Begins to The Batman though the latter wins by a huge margin.

This is the PERFECT Batman movie when it comes to fleshing out the title character. Robert Pattinson provides an unforgettable performance as the man known mostly in this iteration as “Vengeance.” He’s the very embodiment of fear, a shadowy menace that terrorizes Gotham’s criminal world with an armored fist.

This is not the ninja Batman that Christopher Nolan brought to life in the Dark Knight trilogy. This is a man who’s using his love for his parents to fuel himself into becoming the hero Gotham needs him to be, no matter what challenges he faces.

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My Top 20 Posters of the Last Decade: Part One

Posters are some of my favorite things in the world. They make a film or tv show look so cool through marketing alone and there are twenty posters that I find simply awesome. Enjoy!

20. A Riddle for The Batman

Part of the reason why I am actually excited for The Batman tomorrow is that it has had some interesting posters. And this one in particular, simplistic yet bold, pits the antagonist versus the protagonist in a truly fascinating way. What a way to utilize The Riddler’s iconic question mark.

19. Meet Disney’s Newest Heroine, Raya

Before I ever saw a teaser for Raya and the Last Dragon I knew I was intrigued about the film simply because of the film’s title. A Disney movie about dragons? Sign me up! But when this first poster dropped, depicting a mysterious, confident warrior, I was instantly entranced. Sure enough, my gut feeling was correct. This was undoubtedly my favorite animated movie of 2021 and one of my favorite animated films in the last few years.

18. A Poster to Remember

I remember when I saw this poster for the first time. I saw it in a movie theater and as I stared at it, trying to decipher the letters that made up the film’s title, I was utterly transfixed by its striking beauty. Still to this day, I haven’t seen a better poster for a sci-fi film than this one. It’s telling a story, a powerful one at that, and it’s beyond impressive.

17. The Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn knew exactly what he was doing when he made this movie, all the way down to the very marketing of the film itself. This poster is beautiful, from its color to its composition, everything about this poster makes me smile whenever I see it.

16. Captain Marvel Shines

Captain Marvel may have not been one of the best MCU movies but its marketing was stellar. I remember the day this poster came out. I couldn’t stop gawking at it because it was that extraordinarily beautiful. Brie Larson looks utterly powerful in this showstopper of a poster, with the golden beam of light bouncing off of her suit so impressively. Even now as I write this post, I can’t help marveling (pun totally intended) at this stunning poster. It’s impeccable.

So, those are the first five posters. Next stop, 15-11. I’m so excited!

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‘The Batman’ Reactions Are Finally Here!

We’re officially four days away from The Batman hitting theaters (well, two and three days for some people) and the review embargo has been lifted for the film, revealing the thoughts of so many critics and yes, the reactions have me very excited for Friday. Here are some of them.

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