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Who Is The Most Fashionable Marvel Heroine?

As a woman I love costumes in movies, from Star Wars to Marvel and DC Comics to The Lord of the Rings, the heroes’ (and villains’) outfits are always a huge topic of mine whenever I’m watching a film. The clothes a character wears in a film is part of that character’s identity. It’s what makes you pick them out in a crowd and places an invisible stamp on that character’s personality. Well, with so many heroes in the MCU for the next two days I’m going to debate on which female and male heroes have the greatest style while they tackle bad guys or just trips to the next door corner store. Enjoy!

11. Wasp


I like Wasp’s suit but it honestly isn’t as cool as I would’ve imagined. I thought the yellow would be more pronounced against the black of the suit but it’s still an interesting design. If they ever upgrade the suit in the future I want to see a brighter yellow.

10. Peggy Carter

Peggy was a military officer and yet she still found a way to look beautiful and stylish in an officers uniform with her waved hair and red lipstick to stand out amidst all of the drab looking men. But don’t let her appearance fool you. She’s just as tough as the rest of the officers surrounding her which is why she’s so awesome.


And if she wanted to be pretty she easily achieved that with this flirty yet classy red dress. Peggy was definitely much cooler than her grand-niece, Sharon Carter (sorry, Agent 13.)

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Dress Like A Fashionista With These New Star Wars Inspired Clothes

I love clothes and one of my favorite things are clothes that have anything to do with Star Wars. From sweatshirts with Kylo Ren on the front to a simple pair of shoes that are designed after Rey’s boots from The Force Awakens, if it has anything to do with Star Wars I love it. Now some great designers have come together and made a Star Wars fashion line that’s chic, sophisticated, and looks so sci-fi inspired it could actually fit into the world of Star Wars and I am here to talk about it. Enjoy!

Kaia Gerber


This dress was made by the fantastic designer, Vera Wang and I have to say, it’s quite marvelous. Of course, the only way you could ever wear this is if you’re going to a very, very special event but it’s still an absolutely gorgeous dress. Now what do I think the inspiration was behind this dress, I’m guessing because of the intense gold color it’s got to be inspired C-3PO. I mean he’s the only character that has anything golden about him so I’m pretty sure this is a C-3PO-inspired gown. Continue reading Dress Like A Fashionista With These New Star Wars Inspired Clothes

The Six Best Star Wars Hairstyles

I love Star Wars for so many reasons. I love the stories, I love the action, I love the environment, and I absolutely love the characters. And of course, each character has their own special style and part of that style is their hair. So, on that note, here are my six favorite Star Wars hairstyles.

6. Qui-Gon Jin


Qui-Gon is cool for so many different reasons and one of those reasons is his impeccable hairstyle. First of all, it’s totally a look that I would imagine a Jedi Master having. It’s simple yet elegant in a way, it has this kind of Samurai warrior vibe which is totally sensible considering that George Lucas’s inspiration for the Jedi was from Samurai, and it perfectly defines Qui-Gon. He’s also the only character in Star Wars, so far, with a hairstyle like this. Now I think Rey is going to go a little Qui-Gon on everyone with her new look but that’s a whole other topic.

However, at the moment Qui-Gon Jin has the coolest hairstyle as a Jedi so far.

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