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These Teasers for The Last Jedi Trailer Will Get You Pumped

So, as you may know, the new trailer for The Last Jedi is going to debut tonight during the halftime of Monday Night Football and to get us all hyped LucasFilm has some pretty exciting teasers to satiate Star Wars’ fans excitement until tonight. Take a look.

There are so many things that are awesome about this teaser and it isn’t really showing anything! I mean, it’s just Rey training with her lightsaber but that’s the point. It’s Rey! When I see Rey I get so excited. And her practicing with her lightsaber means that when she sees Kylo Ren again she won’t be as unfamiliar with the ancient weapon as she was in The Force Awakens. And that means that the next lightsaber duel is going to be ten times as epic! Oh my gosh, I’m excited.

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The Super Bowl Is Set

Both of the games yesterday were complete blowouts. The Atlanta Falcons annihilated the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots reigned supreme again. I had predicted that both of these games were going to be close. I was very wrong. In roughly two weeks these two dominant teams will face each other in the Super Bowl and I can only hope it’ll be a good game.

Who Will Win?

Maybe I’m blinded by their super impressive performance yesterday but I think the Falcons will be the Super Bowl champions. Yes the Patriots are very, very good but I believe the Falcons will win. Their offense is unstoppable. There are so many players they can utilize that defenses have no idea who Matt Ryan is throwing to. And no matter how good the Patriots’ defense might be they won’t be able to stop the Falcons. I am convinced of that. I hope this game won’t be a blowout.

The Football Games Today

Last week had some fantastic games. The Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys in the last nail biting, thirty-five seconds of the fourth quarter and the Pittsburgh Steelers just managed to escape going to overtime. Now today presents the last two playoff games before the Super Bowl and I am so excited.

The AFC Championship

As always the New England Patriots will be hosting the AFC championship. They will face the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight. The Patriots had a ridiculously easy schedule for the regular season. Their first playoff game was against the Texans who aren’t that great. Now they will finally face a very good team and I can’t wait.

I believe it’s going to be a close game. Both of these teams have good defenses, great quarterbacks, awesome receivers, but the Steelers have something the Patriots don’t have…a very good running back. Levion Bell is an astounding running back who I know will get over a hundred yards in this game. The Patriots are good, which is to be expected, but I don’t think they’ll be able to beat the Steelers. I predict the score will be 27-24 with Pittsburgh winning.

The NFC Championship

Of course this is the game I’m looking the most forward to. The Green Bay Packers will have to go against the Atlanta Falcons. I’m rooting for the Packers because after that awesome game last week it would be terrible if they had to go home. It would also be more exciting if the match-up in the Super Bowl was the Packers going against either the Steelers or the Patriots. I believe this game is going to come down to the wire. The Falcons’ offense is amazing and after last week’s performance they have become a real threat to win the entire Super Bowl. I think the neutralizer for the Falcons will be Aaron Rodgers. If he can evade their defense and put points on the board they have a serious chance of winning. I have no doubt this will be a shootout. The winner of this game will really come down to which team has the least amount of mistakes. I’m predicting the score will be 35-34 with the Packers winning.

The College Football Championship and the Playoffs Are Set

The College Football Championship

Saturday was a day full of underwhelming games. LSU vs. Louisville was a blowout. It was painful watching Lamar Jackson scrambling to and fro, getting sacked mercilessly and getting intercepted. LSU refused to let the Heisman trophy winner embarrass them on Saturday.

Washington’s defense did a fantastic job keeping their offense within range of beating Alabama but thanks to Jake Browning’s timidity and Alabama’s stellar defense they ended up winning a boring 24-7 game.

Clemson beat Ohio State in a 31-0 annihilation. It was a pitiful game that had me believing #5 Penn State should’ve been included in the playoffs instead of Ohio State who they beat earlier in the regular season.

Still the championship has been realized. #1 Alabama will be facing off against #2 Clemson once again. Maybe it’s foolish of me to root against Alabama again but Clemson’s performance Saturday night was very impressive. Alabama however struggled on offense and despite the 17 point difference at the end of the game didn’t really impress me. Clemson’s weakness is their turnovers which Alabama thrives on. They scored 10 of the 24 points off of turnovers versus Washington. If Clemson can keep interceptions and fumbles to a minimum then they really might have a shot at winning the Chamionship.

The Playoffs

Sunday’s games were, thankfully, a little more enjoyable than Saturday’s games. I watched the thrilling Panthers/Buccaneers game which ended in a bittersweet 17-16 finish. The New York Giants/Washington Redskins game was boring and ended with the Redskins not making it to the playoffs. The Sunday night game however was worthy of watching.

Aaron Rodgers proved again why he is always in the MVP conversation by leading them to the playoffs once again after having such a bad first half of the season. The Packers will play the Giants on Sunday at Lambeau Field and I am so excited. I am already predicting that they will win. I think that Eli Manning will make too many mistakes that will cost them the game. Now the Giant’s defense is very formidable but will they be able to stop Aaron Rodgers win he starts to scramble? I don’t think so. If Dallas has to face off against the Packers in the second I think they’re lucky streak might come to an end.

Now this Saturday the Lions will go against the Seahawks. I think they will win this game because Seattle has been looking horrible lately. Yes they have more playoff experience but I think Detroit just might have the edge on them.

In the AFC the Dolphins face the Steelers and the Raiders go against the Texans. These, to me, are both boring games. The Steelers are undoubtedly a better team than the Dolphins and therefore will win. The Raiders lost their starting quarterback and their backup quarterback so as unfortunate as it is they will likely lose to the Texans. It doesn’t matter who wins because I’m already predicting the Patriots will win the AFC. They’re ridiculously dominant and the next best team are the Chiefs. Yes the Chiefs are very good but the Patriots, in my opinion, are just better.

So I can’t wait to watch these games. A month from now the Super Bowl will be here and then football will be over until August again. For right now though I am hoping for a wonderful college football championship and some fantastic playoff games.

I Am So Excited for This Weekend of Football

Friday Night

Tonight the first of the six great bowls comes on. #11 Florida State plays #6 Michigan and I am so excited. I don’t care who wins but I am hoping for a good game that goes into at least one overtime. I’ve been waiting for weeks for these games to come and now they’re here! Yes!


Tomorrow at 3:00pm #1 Alabama faces off against #4 Washington. I am so ready for this game. I will be routing for Washington to win. Alabama has been so dominant this year that watching them win game after game has been exasperating. Washington has had a weak schedule but I believe they might be the team no one sees coming this year. Let’s hope this game ends with the surprise of the football playoff.

Then at 7:00pm #2 Clemson goes against #3 Ohio State. This will probably be a close game. Both of these teams have lost only one game this year, both teams have dynamic quarterbacks, and both teams have had tough times throughout the regular season. I have no idea who will win. It could go either way. I would like Clemson to win so they could get back to the championship and win it all but I wouldn’t mind if Ohio State managed to win.


Then of course on Sunday there’s NFL. This is the last chance for a whole bunch of teams to get their positions in the playoffs. The game I’m most excited to watch is the Sunday Night game where the Green Bay Packers play the Detroit Lions. Whoever wins this game is going to the playoffs. I really would love it if the Packers won. Aaron Rodgers is my favorite quarterback in the NFL and he had a tough time for the first half of the season. If they win I will be so happy because who doesn’t want to watch the Packers in the playoffs?

So the time has finally come! This Monday the college football championship and NFL playoffs will be set. I can’t wait to see what happens.