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The Fall of ‘Assassin’s Creed’

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag was the first game I played on my XBOX One several years ago (it came in the package deal.) For years I had used the Wii as my gaming system and it was fun, for the most part. Playing Mariokart until I dropped, The Legends of Zelda game, Tatsunoko vs. CapcomSuper Mario Smash Bros, you get the picture. I played the Wii for a LONG time and it was fun. But as I got older I wanted to play games made for older people. That led me to eventually having the XBOX One in my teenage years.


Like I was saying at the beginning of this post, the first game I ever played on my XBOX One was Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and it blew me away. Yeah, the graphics weren’t the absolute best in the world but it was beyond a blast to play.

I grew to love Black Flag for its exciting adventures, the fighting matrix, the storyline, everything about the game was super fun and instantly made me an Assassin’s Creed fan. In fact, it’s such a massively wonderful game that I never finished it.

Along with the XBOX One package deal was another Assassin’s Creed game called Assassin’s Creed: Unity and that made me even more of a fan of the series.

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‘Aladdin’ Dazzles With This First Teaser

A teaser poster for the highly-anticipated live-action Aladdin set to come out next May debuted a couple of days ago and last night, during the Thursday Night Football game, the teaser for the film premiered. Here it is.

Um…chills. Aladdin is hands down my favorite classic Disney film next to The Lion King and so seeing it brought to life on the big screen is utterly magical. I loved the music, I loved the sheer beauty of the world I remember seeing over and over again as a child, and the rumbling voice of the entrance (I forgot what it’s called) sounded AMAZING!

They definitely provided us just a tease of what’s to come but I can’t wait to see this movie. I think it’s going to be perfectly magical, as it should be.

What did you think about this teaser? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. I thank you for reading and I hope you have a magical day.

‘Destiny 2’: The ‘Curse of Osiris’ Expansion

I’ve been obsessed with the game Destiny 2 for the past few months because it is one of the best games I have ever played. At the beginning of this month the first expansion for Destiny 2 came out and I have to say, it is incredible. Here’s the official game trailer for it.

Yeah, it’s an epic trailer. The creators over at Bungie have become really good at making their cinematic story line engaging and a blast to watch. I was one of the first people to get on the Destiny bandwagon back in 2014 and it has become much more enjoyable than it was then.

So, I bought the expansion and immediately went to try it out and was instantly drawn in by the story and the vibrancy of the new world. Destiny was the most beautiful game I had ever played and Destiny 2 is even prettier! When the Curse of Osiris expansion came out I was hoping it would be a worthy addition to the already massive story that Destiny 2 had and it absolutely was.

As you try to save this expansion’s new character, Osiris, from the mysterious world of Mercury you embark on an epic quest that takes you into Mercury’s glorious past, future, and present while you fight off the annoying pests, the Vex, throughout your adventures.

There are new dungeons, new mulitplayer maps, a brand new raid to explore, and most importantly, lots of new armor and weapons to acquire. I’m still trying to finish all of the content that came with Destiny 2 but Curse of Osiris is a fabulous add-on to this already wonderful game.

My Conclusion of Curse of Osiris

Now, if you’re wondering if this expansion has a lot of content unfortunately there isn’t. The story would take about, I’d say, three hours to complete if you go through it all at once with at least one snack break but because I just can’t get away from the fun competitive multiplayer I still haven’t completed the story yet.

One of my favorite things about the Destiny games are their music and Curse of Osiris does not disappoint. The theme for this new expansion is Ancient Egyptian-oriented and the music sounds that way too. As you’re running through the gorgeous world of Mercury, the massive Egyptian themed structures towering around you and the massive sun glowing on the planet’s horizon, it really provides a euphoria that I’ve rarely experienced with other games.

Destiny 2 is not only a blast to play but can also be therapeutic at times and this new expansion only increases that happiness that I get when I play this game.

I would definitely give the expansion, Curse of Osiris, a 4.7 out of 5 stars and a 9 out of 10. While it is really fun the story isn’t very large and that is always a slight bummer, especially that the next expansion won’t be coming out until next spring. It is very fun though and if you don’t play Destiny I highly recommend that you at least try it. There’s a free trial going on for Destiny 2 right now and if you’re interested in checking it out you won’t be disappointed in the slightest. I know I wasn’t when I tried the free trial for the first Destiny. In fact, I ended up getting the game, that’s how incredible it was.

I thank you for reading my review and I hope you have a beautiful day.  

My Review of the Turtle Beach Stealth 700

As a gamer you want to have the best experience possible while you’re playing your games and what’s better than to have some incredible headphones while you’re playing your XBOX One or your PS4? Let me tell you, these headphones are amazing!


First, they’re very appealing. The black and green really make these headphones feel like they belong with the XBOX One. Secondly, they’re very, very comfortable. You’ll never have to worry about your ears getting overheated or the actual headphones begin to get uncomfortable. I mean, look at that padding.


These headphones could put you to sleep they’re so snug but what’s really the star of these beauties are two things.

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Destiny 2: The New Best Game To Play

It’s been a couple of months or so since Destiny 2 came out and I’m still losing my mind over how fun this game is. Destiny came out back in 2014 and at the time it was a pretty fun game but it still hadn’t topped the likes of Halo or Call of Duty yet. That didn’t stop the creative minds behind Bungie however. They kept bringing out expansions and expanding the world of Destiny. Now after three years Destiny 2 has become the game to play. Oh my goodness, it’s so much fun.

The gameplay has become smoother, the crucible has become more challenging, the classes new abilities are amazing, and the overall game is just prettier.d2_pc_crucible_emperor's_respite_action_01.jpg

I have never played a game, besides Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, that has felt so interactive and so addictive. The companionship among the players is also remarkable. When you join a team in Destiny 2 there’s a real sense of comradery that I don’t really get from most games. Continue reading Destiny 2: The New Best Game To Play

Assassin’s Creed Returns With A New Game

I was introduced to Assassin’s Creed way back in 2014 when I obtained an XBOX One for the first time. It was part of an amazing package deal that consisted of the XBOX console and two free games. Those games happened to be Assassin’s Creed. It was a great introduction to the console after playing the Wii for years. The versions of Assassin’s Creed they provided were Black Flag and Unity and I was amazed. I still play Black Flag to this day because of its huge world that I still haven’t explored completely, its fun story, and its amazing gameplay. And Assassin’s Creed Unity was breathtakingly beautiful with its realism. The character’s hair and skin texture were incredible. They almost looked real. And the buildings were magnificently detailed. It was set during the French Revolution and it really teleported me to that time and age in our planet’s vast history.

After Unity, however, Assassin’s Creed began to become…kind of boring to play. Assassin’s Creed Syndicate came out two years ago and I couldn’t finish it. Its combat was fun and yes there was a female character to play with but it just didn’t excite me. And then last year they decided to bring out an Assassin’s Creed movie of all things.

Now when I first heard about it I was a little excited. It’s already as if you’re playing a movie in each game so I figured it wouldn’t be as bad a flop as the MMO turned motion picture Warcraft was. Then I heard that the main character was going to be played by Michael Fassbender. I was shocked, and not in a good way. Were they really going to make the guy who played Steve Jobs an assassin? Really? It didn’t sound like good casting. And sure enough, the movie was terrible. I watched it with the hopes that maybe I would be able to enjoy it since I loved the game so much and yes I loved certain elements of the movie, like the action. It was however very, very confusing and by the end, I literally had a headache. Now it was better than Warcraft simply because Warcraft was if not the worst film I have ever seen, it was second to worst but it was pretty horrendous.

So after that obvious fail, I didn’t think Ubisoft would come out with a new game for the Assassin’s series for years. And then it was announced on Sunday that a new Assassin’s Creed would come out this fall in October and I was so excited. Check out this trailer.

Wasn’t that awesome?! One of the reasons I love Assassin’s Creed so much is because of the historic aspect of each game. Now they’re taking us to Ancient Egypt and I am ecstatic. I can’t wait to explore pyramids, face ancient monsters, and just marvel at the incredible beauty of the game. And this new assassin we get to play with is an African! How exciting is that?! I mean look at the picture for this trailer. Isn’t that beautiful?

So yes, I am very excited. Fall is going to be a great time for gamers because of all the amazing games coming out. And if you’re as excited as I am the exact date it’s coming out is October 22 and it’s already available for pre-order. If you do happen to pre-order you’ll get exclusive content which is always a great selling point.

Thank you for reading my post this fine Tuesday. I’ll be posting again, later on, today about the brand new Black Panther debut trailer. You definitely won’t want to miss it.